Small Penis Humiliation and sucking cock

I have a small penis, about 2 inches small and about 6 inches hard. Ever since High School, showering with other boys and seeing how big they were, I have wanted to be laughed at and teased about my small penis. I have gotten women to tease and laugh at me, and would regularly pay a woman to laugh at my penis and spank me, it was fun, but for some reason I wanted men to do the laughing and teasing, so about 3 years ago I met a man on line who said he wanted to do SPH on another man and show him how big he was. I went to meet him and he was bigger soft then I was hard, about 8 inches soft, and almost a foot long hard. I would go over to his place about once a week and strip naked as he would laugh at me and say mean thing about my small penis, I would beg him to see his cock and he would allow me to take it out and fondle it and then kiss it before I put it back in his pants. Then he wondered if I swallowed cum from a full size cock if that would help me grow, so soon I was sucking his cock about once a week and swallowing his load, he soon started to invite friends of his who also had big cocks and now I go over his place twice a week and suck 5-7 cocks and swallow the load. I admit that before I sucked my first cock and didn't think I would like it, but now I wish I could men who would allow me to suck cock every day

29 days

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    • I wish I had 6 inches then I could please my wife like a real man. I have a tiny penis when hard it's about 2 inches long and when I am soft you can't see anything because it's up inside of me. I have to sit down to pee my wife baught me a strapon to wear so I could feel like I was doing something for her. You want to feel humiliated I have never had real sex with a woman. I rub myself like a woman to masturbate because it's to small to jack off. Having your wife fucking other men because you can't please her. I was laughed at in school and made fun of when the other boys found out how tiny my penis was. Be thankful for what you have because it could always be worse.

    • 6 inches hard isn't a small penis. It's actually a decent size cock and I'd love to suck it. Mone is only 4" hard and like 3/4" flaccid. I can completely tuck it away inside itself. My buddy used to stick his cock in my inverted penis and could get a few inches of penitration. I too love to suck clocks and eat cum! I also am know as thr giy women can come to for a good head job after their shithead men leave them full if cum and no orgasm. I always make them cum and get delicious creampies as well. Win, win!

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