Wife learned she liked porn

Seeing another post inspired me to talk about this. My wife never watched porn until about 6 months after we got married. She knew I watched sometimes, told me it was just bad and wrong. One day I casually asked her to take a look at a little with me, she was reluctant but she did. Shortly after that I found that she would relax and join me, and started practicing some of what she seen with me as we watched. When it went a couple weeks or so and I didn't watch, she asked me about it, I told her if she wanted to we could that night, and I'll tell you I was about ready to watch more again, she just seemed to catch up to me on that. She finally confessed she enjoyed the feelings it brought on, and heightened our sex time together, but I was told I better not ever tell anyone we watch it. Since then it has been good and she actually looks forward to our time together with it, and of course, so do I greatly. Just goes to show how people can change and let themselves go, since then it has helped to heightened our sex adventures with another couple close to us now.

29 days


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    • My gf likes to watch porn too. She really likes watching two girls together. I asked her if she had ever done that with another girl. She blushed and said yeah. I told her she could invite one of her friends over to watch if she wanted. She said really? I said as long as the two of you watch it naked and I can watch. A couple weeks later I came home and she had a friend over. I laughed and said are we watching a movie tonight. She said Yepper. Just waiting for you. Her and her friend got naked and then said you too. The three of us naked in bed watching porn was great. Watching them do each other was hot. I was invited to join in. We all did each other. The next day my gf said she had fun. I said it was hot watching them do each other. She said yes it was and she enjoyed me pumping her friend. She said I know what she was feeling when I was inside her and it was hot watching.

    • Really into that midget and bestiality porn is she?

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