The sex number game

I recently made heads turn at a family function for my fiance when i claimed to have bedded over 300 women. Some believed me, some were repulsed. I am curious as to why numbers bother so many people. When i am a single man i use multiple apps and sites to meet for hookups. If you try hard enough on the sites... 300 is barely trying.

My question is why do these numbers matter to people? Why do you ask? My fiance has bedded over 100 between men and women. For the record the 300 does not include auxilleries like blow jobs, or my fav footjobs. That number is soley 300 different women for sexual penetration. If we include auxillaries its around the low 400s. I used to keep panties from every encounter. Well over half were recorded but sadly i lost most my crap in a house fire. Does this number matter? Why or why not?

29 days

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    • Not the most suitable subject for a family reunion. That's probably what they were reacting too - bad taste in conversation.

    • I have been with roughly 500 women and 500 men. It’s not that hard over a normal ‘lifetime’ - just gotta know where to look.

    • Let me know when you reach 4 digits. That was when I lost track

    • It would only matter to the 2 of you. If you're good, fuck her family. Oh, how hot are her family members, uiu and yiur wife should add them to your count, judge little bitches.

    • I slept with her sister in law unknowingly and it was worth the hassle. 10 out of ten would fuck that bitch again!

    • Nothing like is there lol

    • That's what I'm talking about. I grudge fucked my wufesbsisters when she left me. We got back together years later but she don't know about her 2 sisters fucking me. I'd love to do it again someday!

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