My son sniffs my dirty panties

It started just over two weeks ago when I came home from work and caught my teenage son lying on my bed wearing a pair of my very sexy lace panties with a silk pair of my French knickers wrapped around his very erect cock wanking himself off while he had a pair of my pink lace panties over his face with my crotch right over his nose and mouth taking really deep sniffs and saying Oh God Mum your pussy smells so delicious. Let your naughty Son lick it for you.
I was completely dumbfounded, shocked and embarrassed.
I shouted at him. What the fuck do you think you are doing son. That is so sick and wrong. I am your own Mother.
He screamed in shock and tried to cover his hard cock and take my dirty panties off his face.
I'm so sorry Mum he kept saying.
That is disgusting son. I wore those panties yesterday.
Why the fuck are you sniffing your own Mothers dirty panties I yelled at him.
I cant help it Mum he said.
How long have you been sniffing my dirty panties I asked.
With his held held down he confessed that he had been sniffing my dirty panties for many years. This shocked me even more.
Have you sniffed anyone else's I asked and he nodded. Well tell me son.
Julies he said. Your older sisters dirty panties as well? Yes he said.
And Grans sometimes he told me.
Oh my god you are sick.
I then noticed that his cock was still rock hard and he was trying to peek up my skirt.
Are you trying to look up my skirt to my panties I yelled.
He blushed bright red and nodded.
I instinctively lifted my skirt and shouted is this what you want to see you sick perv, your Mums still warm dirty panties?
He nodded. Yes Mum.
I bet you would like to get your nose into my still warm gusset wouldnt you?
Yes I would love to Mum.
Without thinking I started to remove my black lace boyshorts and handed them to him. Go on son sniff your Mums still warm and probably damp smelly knickers.
I bet you fantasise about licking your Mums pussy dont you.
Oh yes Mum I do and I would love to lick your pussy and make you cum all over my face.
Show what you do son.
He immediately held up my still warm and quite damp dirty panties to his nose and took a deep sniff. MMMM Mum they smell so good and a little sticky as well.
He started to wank off his cock again and in no time at all started to shoot his spunk. I held open the french knickers for him and he emptied his balls right into my gusset.
There you go son. That was better than sneaking around wasnt it.
Yes Mum so much better. Since then I have let him sniff and lick my dirty panties whenever he has asked. I am going to sit on his face later while still wearing them so that I can get off as well.

30 days

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    • A panty sniffer's fantasy, but nice

    • Actually - NO - it's sexier to be sneaking around doin it!
      REAL panty sniffers will tell you so!

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