"Larry, are you staring at my crotch?"

I was sitting on the edge of the pool - with my knees up, legs spread a little.
My husband, who is 14 years older than me, brought me to a Vietnam veteran's w/e retreat at this nice hotel.
It was snowing outside the windows - it had to be past midnight - but it was very toasty here in the pool room. All the other guests had left the pool and I'm pretty sure the boys had the night manager "close" the pool - to give are group privacy.
Only the underwater pool lights were on, when my husband's flirty buddy swam over to stand in front of me - for a chat.
Even with his sunglasses on - I could tell he was not looking at me eyes while we talked. "Larry, are you looking at my crotch?"
"Yes, darling I sure am!"
(to be fair - I was 26, slim, in very good shape - blonde, blue-eyed SoCal borne girl. I wore my bikini because it made my husband hot - and he liked the attention it got from his old Army buddies! My 'B' cups are OK, but my hubby says it is my long legs, high & tight little ass, and my prominent mons which men like sooo much!)
So, here's Larry - from 2 feet away - staring into my crotch in front of his face.
I put my palm over my bikini, covering my puss and said, "Larry, honey - my eyes are up here!"
He said, "Well darling - as lovely as are your eyes, the boys and I , over there, were trying to decide if you might be a natural blonde. Or not?"
"Yes, and seeing you sitting like that, I volunteered to come over and see if I could spot any clues....um, there."
"Here?" I lifted my hand from my crotch.
"Yes, dear!"
"Well......ah, you've been looking....so what did you decide?"
"Dammit girl! - not one of your sweet pubes are showing! Not a single damn one!"
He really sounded so disappointed, and so sincere.

All of us had been drinking - so this whole conversation makes more sense if one remembers that!
I sat, thinking.
And I may have opened my thighs further - because Larry was getting agitated and moving closer to my bikini! Whistling softy....
So..."Larry honey....um, can you open your eyes underwater?" I said as I slipped casually into the pool.
He isn't stupid! "Yes ma'am I sure can - and Kathy darling - so can the boys over there! Can I call them over?"
A big (fake!) sigh..."OK, bring them over here - because I'm only going to do his once tonight!" ....this is really making me super h o r n y !
Pretty soon I had 4 smiling, very attentive, males standing in front of me - in about 5' of water.
I faced away from them, and said over my shoulder, "OK - I just pulled down my bottoms. Enjoy!" As I spread my legs enough that they probably could see my pubes floating down there in my crotch.
They stayed down until I became concerned for their safety! Finally, up they bobbed spitting, hooting and laughing like a bunch of teenagers.
"Kathy....?" said Larry.
"Yeah,.... OK - here goes" I sighed, as I turned to face them....spreading my legs a bit for them.
Down they went....! I'm standing there with my bikini bottoms down to my knees showing 4 guys not my husband a nice, if a bit blurry, look at my blonde pussy!
They were so damned appreciative ......when they finally, half drowned by the sounds they made!, came back up that I squatted to get my boobs fully under the water and told them, "you've all been so sweet - here's a little something extra!".....and slipped my top up around my neck. My nipples were really hard, I could tell. 'From the water, or all this male attention?'
Oh, I can't do this much longer...I'm thinking as I stated getting myself dressed again.

Damn, I was so horny! "Larry honey, please find my husband for me?"
My husband told me in the elevator that he had watched the whole thing ....as he slid his hand into my bottoms and squeezed. He said Larry told him, "Old buddy - that sexy girl is going to need some serious fucking !"
He was right! I did get some....!
I gave these guys warm hugs after breakfasting with them - as we all left for homes.
Sorry that there was no pool gang-bang, where this little young blonde sucks and fucks 4 horny older guys before they freed her back to her husband's bed....but I hope some find my remembrance of that night as sexy as my husband and I still do!
(do I fantasize about what COULD have happened to me that night? Of course I do! My prominent blonde mons has gotten wet while I am typing this....

28 days

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    • Well written. OON (only one naked) scenarios are hot--- and especially when they're spontaneous and unplanned.

    • Good story and pretty hot...
      But, Larry was wearing sunglasses at midnight, in the winter!? Also your 46 yr old husband could not have been in Vietnam....

    • I was 26, hubby 14 yrs older so 40 at the time. Yeah - this was close to 35 yrs ago....still ONE of the sexiest things I ever did! There were others.
      (the tradition was for ALL the females to drop at least their tops after midnight at these events. This was a surprise, I'd never done anything like that! The other ladies were nice girls - but I was a decade younger than them - so I got a lot of attention from the guys! - the wives and girl friends seemed to accept this behavior. It was only every 2 or 3 years that these vets got together.
      Husband said, "tell him I flew dust-offs in the central highlands, to the 71st evac hosp when I was 21. And, - Larry was a door gunner, flight crews all got mirrored "aviators" - and Larry NEVER takes his aviators off."

    • Ok I apologize... Makes sense now... Thank your husband and Larry for their service!!

    • I had an Army buddy with a sexy wife like you. She wasn't a slut - but she sure could tease!
      Husband was a lucky SOB!

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