Dad watches porn with son

As the dad, I was the one to give my son a sex education. I did my best. Part of my son’s sexual education was the subject of porn. I confessed to him that when his mom wasn’t around I liked to watch porn and masturbate.

When my son turned 18, we began to watch porn together when his mom wasn’t around. We thought it would be more fun if we were naked. Since watching porn got us sexually excited, we both would get an erection. Seeing each others erection got us even more excited. So, we masturbated ourselves in front of each other.

This led to my son and I masturbating each other while watching porn. And, this led us to having oral sex with each other.

From then on when we we alone in the house, we would first suck off each others cocks. Then we would watch porn until we got horny again. Then we would Jack off each others cocks. Then watch more porn. If we had the time we would either suck off or Jack off each others cocks again.

26 days

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    • Would I do that no. But each to their own

    • Gross - get a life you fucking pervert.

    • Pervert?? Lol, what a hypocrite. People like you are real classics. Come on this site to get your jollies reading about stuff you know you will (supposedly) think is perverted before you come here. Then call other people perverted after you get off on what they write. I think maybe you’re the one that needs to get a life.

    • Keep going you fucking pervert - did you stick it in your son’s ass when he wasn’t paying attention? You are sick.

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