I sucked cock for my wifes enjoyment and now I cant get enough

I was married to same woman of many years and all we ever had was straight sex and not that often, I loved her but sex was almost non-existant. She died a few years ago from cancer and I started dating my house keeper of many years and we were really good friends during that time. So anywaay to shorten the story, we dated and became sexually active, My previous wife, whne we first got together she was very sexual and we had several threesomes, I always enjoyed sucking her pussy clean afterwards and really never thought of the cum only as a sexual taste and smell of which I really enjoyed. So when my new girlfriend and I started dating I told her of the sexual adntures with late wife and she thought it was hot, a threesome with two guys, I told her about my kink to suck the cum out after, She said she thought it was hot to watch porn where one or both of the guys was bisexual. I told her that i was noyt gay and could not do that, She reckoned with me that if I liked cum in the pussy what diffrence would it be to take it right out of the faucet. I told her I might try it sometime. So in our next threesome she was giving the guy head and i went down for a closer look abd started kissing the side of her cheek and got closer and closer to her mouth while his dick was in her mouth and in one motion she popped it right in my mouth. I was stunned and remember hesitating with it in my mouth for like 3 seconds before coming off of it. So we talked about it later and she asked me how I liked it and I told her it stunned me but afterwards I thought how it felt to have his cock in my mouth how soft the head was and how hard his cock was and I could taste a little bit of precum. So I agreed the next threesome Id give it more effort. So we set up another threesome with this big cock guy that she liked and we all got naked and I was already getting nervous about sucking him, so he was on his back and she mounted his face with her pussy and his cock started getting hard so I just went for it and I sucked his cock and he blew his load really fast and I swallowed every drop. Ive been openly bisexual every since and my new wife loves it. I thin k I love sucking cock as much as pussy now . I still prefer women, but cock is a good substitute for me, She now is trying to talk me into being fucked by a guy, she has been using toys in my ass and trying to get me used to having something in my ass, I am not as sure about being fucked as I was about sucking. We have a real close friend that we have swapped wives with on occaision and they are coming to visit us for a week on vacation and I am thinking about asking him if I can be bisexual with them but not sure how to ask him I know he is a bit of a cuck as he loves watching guys fuck his hotwife so Im thinking je may be ok with it, but IUd hate to ruin our friendship if he thinks that that is disgusting or something, so dont know how or even if i will ask him

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    • I suck my wife’s bull before he fucks her and clean up after he fucks her

    • Enjoy those diseased dicks!

    • I know how you feel after our first threesom with a friend of mine my wife went sex crazy she learned that she could have sex just for the fun of it. We had a few threesoms and I loved watching her sucking a guy's cock and she would kiss me after the guy had cummed in her mouth. Then one night she came home with this guy and like always there was a lot of foreplay he and I taking turns licking her smooth pussy and she was given both of us head she was on her knees sucking his cock and I leaned over and kissed the back of her neck and said that I loved her she turned around still holding onto his cock and kissed me and then she pointed his cock towards my face and said do it for me baby let me see what it's like watching you with a dick in your mouth. I said no no no but she kept begging me I was nervous but I gave her what she wanted and took his cock into my mouth and the first thing I noticed was the taste of precum dripping from the tip of his cock she had her hand on the back of my head pushing me down further each time telling me to suck that dick then all of a sudden he tensed up and started to cum in my mouth my wife telling me to swallow it and I did. I was hooked after that night sucking cock for her every time she asked me of course one thing led to another and I was getting ass fucked before long. A hot wife can get you to do things that you never would have done on your own.

    • So hot, love this!

    • Real cock feels way better than fake ones, I promise you! I'm also Bi and love a good fucking in my ass by a real hard cock!

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