I made up sexy stories for my wife - about her!

My wife used to drink some when my buds were over.
I found that I could cook up the most outlandish stories involving my wife being a wanton sex slut.....OK, well, almost!
"You know, when you sat in that rocking chair over there with your knees up in your little cut-offs - Aaron was looking straight into your pussy area! He complimented you on your cute little yellow panties down there!"
"Oh my - what did I do?!"
"You just thanked him for the compliment - and kept rocking away for his viewing pleasure!"
"That night you came down in those black lacy boy-short PJ's when Barry was here.....you know he could see straight up between your legs when you lay on the couch next to him - to your pussy! After you fell asleep ....I came back into the living room to find him with his hands on your bare thighs. He looked at me, and whispered, "Can I taste her?"
"I said, yeah but be careful!...she might wake up!"
"Well, he did - he licked your pussy for a few minutes and then suddenly you stirred ......he froze with his face down there between your thighs.....and you reached down in your sleep and grabbed his hair and pulled his face back into your cunt! We were pretty sure that you were sleeping while getting eaten!"
"Oh damn! - I wish I'd been awake for that! You know I've had the hots for him for years! I'd have ridden his face until he couldn't breath any more!"
You have danced naked for my buds, fixed the crotch of your bikini for them while they watched you tuck your pubes in, down-bloused them countless times in your nighties at bed-time, tongue kissed them each good night!, let them grope in your panties while slow dancing, caught them smelling their fingers after dancing with you!, etc.
Gets her really hot!

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    • Would you want and let her really do it? You are not too far off from it happening…

    • She knows that she's sexy - and that guys want to get into her pants all the time - at so many social settings. She likes guys lusting for her.
      One night - as we were drinking, three of us talked her into showing them her Xmas gift from me. A pair of small string bikini panties. She said - "I know you want me to - but I wouldn't want to upset our guests!?" They both hollered - "wouldn't bother me babe!"
      Down she came, shyly walking into the living room in her little panties and a very short top. No bra, and the panties lace front did not fully obscure her auburn triangle. She blushed at all the compliments - then dance with each of us. We all got handsy with her.
      Then more drinks - and she agreed to play strip poker with us - but only if we made it "fair" by stripping to just two items of clothing like she was wearing! In 5 mins she lost her first hand. She stood up sighing - (we waited - surely she'll slip her top off....?!) she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and pulled them slowly down! They caught up in her crotch & then sprung down to her knees as she stepped out of them.
      This is not fantasy.....
      She did not get fucked by all of us - but our boners poking her belly when we danced with her were handled by her squatting a little and placing each dick between her thighs up against her cunt. Where she let us dry hump her tamp pubes! She grabbed out bare asses and 'play-fucked' us, as we did the same!

    • Sounds like BS.

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