I was naive masturbation and girlie magazines was the sum total of my sexual pleasures. Ten days after my seventeenth birthday I was on an airplane from Red Moines, IA to Fort Bliss, TX. The year 1966 Viet Nan was escalating TET was 11 months away, what had I signed up for, anyway?
Boot camp graduation? It was August of 1966 off to Fort Benning, GA then to be a pawn for the Military Industrial Complex, big corporations, etc; to go die for absolute total economic bullshit? Hell no and a funny thing happened on my answeredIway to Georgia, I went AWOL.
I was told New York City was the best place to hideout so, I boarded a Grey dog for the Big Apple a naive boy from Pella, IA who knew shit from Shineola.
Just off the bus in NYC a Black man of around 40 approached me, "First time, got a place to stay, where ya from, need a place till ya?" I answered yes to all.
His name was Leon I would soon learn he was a chickenhawk, bisexual, a sexual predator to include being a pimp. Leon had a nice flat off 134th street in Harlem and for the next three weeks dumb me was his special guest, it all seemed so cool as Leon had lots of young friends off all ethnic persuations.
One night Leon got me loaded drugs and booze a began treating me to his vast collection of 8mm hard core porn and it got me hotter than I'd ever been, so turned on all morals and inhibitions disappeared.
Soon. Leon and I were naked he began kissing and groping my cock and soon I had his 9" thick cock in my mouth him forcing my face to take him deeper. Finally, Leon filled my mouth with cum holding my head making me swallow it.
Leon said " We don't ever spit out black babies!" Soon Leon keeping me high was fucking my ass and sharing me with other black men. The next two years was one big orgasm.

May 2


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    • Tet was '68 , not 11 months after '66. It is Viet Nam, not 'Nan'.
      The Army would likely have made you a cook, truck driver, warehouseman, or a fighting laundryman.

    • Your service as Latrine Lackey is appreciated.

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