Sex in prison

I got locked up for 3 years for traveling with a felony amount of Marijuana back in 2016. It took me about a year to adjust and settle in. We all would share porn pics and magazines that were smuggled in. There was a guy in my cell block that would have sex with pretty much anyone. He was early 20s black, in pretty good shape. I was straight and dead against messing with him. Many of the guys would put sheets and blankets over their bunk bed and take turns with him. After seeing most of them do it I guess it desensitized me. Finally one day I gave it a try, I got in bed with him and I felt on his legs and butt while I jerked off pretending it was a girl and it honestly wasn't bad. He was always cleaned shaved and had good hiegene. Over time I started to do more, I would make out with him and let him give me head, eventually that led to him riding me. I was always worried because we didn't have condoms to use. We didn't even have lube, we had to use shampoo. I eventually got used to it. We would set the sheets up and take turns on him back to back. I ended up getting moved to a different cell block with a new cell mate. He asked me if I wanted to trade BJs one night and I agreed, I needed it badly. I got into bed with him and we sucked each other off. One night I ended up getting on top of him and having sex with him. He was mid 30s, BBC, fit body. I couldn't believe I was able to do it. It felt so wrong but so good at the same time. After a long night of sex I would literally walk different for the next couple days. It would feel like he was still inside me. We continued to have sex for the last year I was there. I got released and lost contact with him. I'm out now and have a fiance but I do occasionally hook up with guys off grindr. As good as women are there's nothing like riding a hot guy. If you are near Dallas Tx comment if you want to hook up, I'm 31 fit and clean.

28 days


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    • Riding prison cock and you’re “clean”? Sure.

    • I am, luckily

    • I served 7 years and I was gay for the stay but never touched another dick when I got out

    • Why not now that you're out? I still like getting fucked but I keep it a secret

    • Liar

    • Mmmmm…. That ‘hollowed out’ feeling - beautiful.

    • I was the woman’s prison and the warden made me his sex slave. I didn’t mind as the other girls knew I could get them gone if they pissed me off,

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