I had sex with my BFs dad

My senior year in HS I had a BF of 8 months, we were that one serious couple everyone adored. No one but my closest friends knew I used to cheat on him occasionally. I met a guy in a chat room, we talked for a couple weeks before I found out he was working for my BFs dad's best friend. Long story short, word got back to my BFs dad. He text me confronting me about it and I ignored him until he called me and told me to discuss it with him or he would tell everyone what's going on. So I agreed and we met up and he's hitting me with a million questions, I was honest and told him everything. He tells me I have to tell his son what's going on, I promised to tell him the next day after school. I went home and that night I get a text from his dad saying sorry he was so hard on me, he's done the same thing in the past, he had multiple affairs over the years and that makes him a hypocrite. He eventually says it'll be our little secret. A couple weeks go by and my BF and I got into a huge fight and we "take a break". In the mean time his dad calls me wanting to meet up and talk about what happened between me and his son. So we met up in a parking lot to talk, I got in his truck and I could tell he was acting different, I could smell alcohol so I assumed he was just drunk. I explained to him what happened, told him all about the fight, everything. He starts explaining to me how I'm too good for his son, his son is a lazy porn addict, bla bla bla. I've never seen this side of his dad before. He tells me I deserve better and how I should leave him. Then out of literally no where he says, would you ever consider an older man? I didn't know what to say so I just sat there in a panic. He realizes he's crossed a line but he doubles down and says Savannah, I'm going to be brutally honest with you, I'm very attracted to you, how does that make you feel? I became so nervous I could've thrown up lol. I just said idk, it's a lot to process. I ended the conversation quickly and left. He continues to text me daily saying he's sorry, he knows he's crossed a line, please don't tell anyone. About a month later one of my friends is bragging about this older man she met online that's buying her all kinds of stuff and basically being her sugar daddy, she shows me a pic and it's HIM! I was immediately furious, i didn't even tell my friend who it was. I text him and ask wtf he's doing. It took me a while to process the emotions, I came to the conclusion I was jealous. So I called him up and told him to come pick me up. He picked me up and we drove around and I told him to park so we could talk. I told him if he's serious about what he said then he needs to make the first move. I couldn't believe he was taken off guard and nervous. I said KISS ME. He leaned in and we started making out. Things got heated fast, I ended up on top of him in the driver's seat. He's pulling my shorts down, I'm only acting like i know what I'm doing since this was my first time ever. He pulls out a condom from the console and puts it on and he says are you sure you want to do this? I said yea, I'm the one you want right? He says yea and I slowly sat down on him and he took my v card right there in the truck. I don't remember the actual physical pleasure but I remember mentally being in heaven knowing he chose me over my friend which was much prettier and popular in my opinion. It didn't take long after that day for the word to spread which lead to his divorce, rumors at school, my new nickname HoeVannah. He pursued me after, we continued to hook up, I even moved in with him for several months after graduation. He introduced me to drugs, I got strung out, I ended up leaving him and going to rehab. I'm 24 now and clean, single, got my life back on track. This is the first time telling this story. I ruined my reputation in my home town but I honestly didn't know what I was really getting in to. If you have any questions or want more details just ask.

May 1

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    • Wait - you "cheated" on your boyfriend occasionally, yet your bf's dad takes your "v card"? Get your fantasy straight

    • Cheating doesn't always include sex dumbass

    • Bullshit story!

    • Why would I make this up? It's literally embarrassing

    • I got caught by my GF in bed with her mom

    • Me too.lol

    • I hooked up with my ex-bf dad. We ran into each other at a memorial out of town. We went to dinner, and he ended up back in my room where he spent the night inside me. We’ve hooked up for the past 3 years now, both of us are married

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