Sniffing my lesbian neighbors panties

I'm good friends with my neighbor who is a lesbian. I have secretly been in love with her for a while and have been wanting to fuck her so badly. Unfortunately, I'm a guy so she's not interested. Still, when she left for the weekend, she left me the keys to her place so I could check on her fish and bring in the mail. As soon as she left, I quickly made my way to her bedroom where her laundry hamper was and found a few pairs of her dirty, worn panties. I sat down on her bed, put them to my face, and sniffed the crotch of her panties. Her cunt smells heavenly! My dick got rock hard as I inhaled her scent, her pussy smelled so fucking good. Better than I imagined. I stuck out my tongue and licked the crotch area, before stuffing that area in my mouth and letting her musk reach my throat. I imagined that it must be what her pussy must taste like as I wrapped another pair of her panties around my cock and jerked off with them as I laid on her bed. I came like a volcano, blowing my load all over the crotch of her panties. The next day I found her vibrator, but that's a story for another time.

May 1

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    • Get her drunk and go down on her.

    • Filthier the panties the better! Come, piss, poop, I love all the scents and flavors!

    • Watch out for for video cameras, they're everywhere and extremely small.
      I buy dirty panties from girls at the mall.

    • Do you approach them and just offer cash for their panties and they go take them off and come back and you make the exchange? Very hot. How much?

    • I’ve done that and wrote about it on here. I don’t actually like the smell of worn knickers but I always get a very strong erection when I do. My wife’s knickers don’t do it for me but we’re friends with a couple and I always use the loo when we visit them . I have a delve in the laundry bin and usually score a nice pair of knickers which I have a sniff of. Instant stiffy.

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