Watching wife have two penises in her pussy

My wife has a surrogate sex partner take care of her sexual needs. I have a non functioning micropenis and we both decided it best to have our mutual male friend do her now and then. He invited his friend from U.C. Ohio college to give her a double treat one night. My wife and I wanted to add another cock into the foray for her. Things got crazy one night after lots of alcohol and they both tried to double penetrate her which lead to bleeding and tearing of my wife, not good! I bought her a Master series brand pink curved dildo that really had loosened her up over the last winter. We tried this again last night and wow! what a difference. Wife wasn't uncomfortable at all.She loved the whole experience as much as I did. Seeing their big balls and cocks cum inside her drives me wild. I highly recommend this device to comfortably open up pussies or asses.Anybody else out there enjoy watching wives take on big dicked guys?

28 days


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    • To be honest I think I enjoyed it as much as my wife did we were having a threesom with a guy my wife came home with. He and I were taking turns fucking my wife and my wife was on top of me riding my cock and he was standing over my head and she was sucking his cock then he got behind her and I thought he was going to fuck her ass but I felt his big cock against my cock and with her laying on top of me I couldn't move my wife started to have an orgasm with both of us in her pussy and after a few minutes of him fucking her and his cock rubbing against mine I started to cum I could feel his balls slapping against my balls as he was fucking her harder and deeper than he had cummed inside of her and all over my cock that was the first time my wife had two cocks inside of her at the same time and she was sore the next day but she told me that she loved having it done to her.

    • First let me tell you that I admire your willingness to let your wife fuck and be sexually satisfied. I too am very small I can still get hard but she doesn't feel anything with me so I've been watching her ever since 3 months after we got married. Love watching her as a matter of fact we have four beautiful children from other men as well. One for my best friend and three others from random BBC!

    • I did this with a friend of mine and his skinny wife, he had a chair he had modified a little and straps hanging down from the ceiling, that was the main thing that made it easy to do, and yep it was great, can't get my wife to try it, although she has no qualms about fucking two guys in a threesome.

    • Did she enjoy the whole experience? My wife's was so opened up after that. I could fit my hand into her up to my knuckles. She use to be very tight but she's loose as a goose now! I wonder if it would be physically possible for her to take a third cock? Hmmm. ...

    • I have been inside my wife alongside another raw cock - amazing feeling for all involved.

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