Wife dances secretly at nude club

My wife used to go on overnight trips with her girlfriends which I had no problem with. Once one of the girlfriends she was supposed to be with I saw in a market. When my wife got home i asked how the girls were. She named them by name and told what fun they had. At this point I knew she was lying. On her next overnight girls weekend, I followed her to see where she was going. It was about a hundred miles before she stopped at a hotel. She was alone. I waited to see if anything suspicious happened. About an hour later my wife came back out of the hotel carrying a gym bag. I followed her again. She stopped at a club and went inside. About 30 minutes later I went inside expecting to find her with someone. I didn’t see my wife anywhere. I sat down in a corner table in the shadows. Music was playing and I realized it was a strip club and the dancers were just starting. I watched the first couple dancers on stage and was still trying to figure out where my wife was. The 3rd dancer on stage I recognized. It was my wife. She didn’t see me and I watched as she danced for the guys around the stage. She was getting a lot of tips. She was down to just her thongs. She looked really good and seemed to enjoy the guys looking at her t***. Her last song she removed her thongs. I was watching my wife dance naked on stage. It was quite the turn on seeing her naked on stage. When the dancers weren’t on stage they served the patrons still topless. When my wife got off stage I told one of the other dancers I wanted to meet the last dancer and she went and told my wife to come to my table. I pulled my hat down so she couldn’t see my face. She came to my table and said you wanted to see me? I lifted my hat so she could see my face. My wife standing in front of me in just a thong said oh shit. I said sit and talk. She said let me get dressed. I said no you’re good the way you are. My wife sat down trying to cover her chest. I said please don’t treat me differently than the others let me see your t******. She dropped her cover up and talked to me with t*** out for all to see. I asked if this was what she had been doing on her overnight girl trips. She said yes and she was sorry she lied to me. I asked if she enjoyed dancing. She said she loved it but didn’t think I would approve. I smiled and said she looked really good on stage. She said you’re not angry? I said I’m angry but not because you’re dancing. I’m angry because you lied. I said Just answer a few questions for me please. She said ok. I said do you f*** when you take your overnight trips? She said no. She said she dances from 4 pm until midnight then goes to the hotel to get some sleep. I said how did you decide to start dancing? She said she had a girlfriend that told her about this place and that she danced occasionally here and talked my wife into trying it. She said her girlfriend said the money was good and the customers tipped well. I said so you tried it and liked it? She said her first time she was scared to death up on stage and seeing all the guys seeing her naked was both scary and exciting. Then when she was walking around serving customers topless it was a little hard at first bringing drinks and watching the guys look at her bare chest. I said but you still enjoyed it? She said she felt naughty talking to customers and letting them see her t***** up close but it was fun. I said why did you lie? She said she wanted to tell me and even invite me to come watch but she was afraid I wouldn’t like it. I asked if it was worth driving an hour from home? She said she makes about 1000 a night now so yes it was worth the drive. I said it wasn’t like this in the beginning? She said she only made a few hundred at first and was going to stop. I said what changed? She said her girlfriend told her she would make more money if she shaved her p****. She said she tried it and made 800 the first night shaved. Then we had been talking a while and she said she had to go back on stage. She said move up close to the stage and watch. She put a top on so she had something to take off on stage. She looked great up close on stage. When she was done she had to take care of some customers and then came back to my table. It was awesome watching my wife walk around the club topless. I said so you dance in stage when it’s your time and then serve drinks? She said yes. I said and you make 1000 doing that? She said yes that and doing lap dances if someone asks. She smiled and said would you like a lap dance? Before I could answer the guy next to me held up a 50 dollar bill and said he did. She smiled and said flirtatiously are you a t*** man or a leg man? They chatted while she gave him his lap dance. I heard him say do those panties come off? She said that’s another 50. He handed her another 50 and she smiled and slid her panties off for him. I watched the whole dance as she put her breasts close to his face and as she straddled him facing him and leaned back giving him full view of her p***** with her legs on each side of him. When the lap dance was over she came back to me still naked and gave me a lap dance. I stayed and watched her till midnight and we went back to her hotel. Sex was great. She told me how much she enjoyed me being there and watching her. I told her there was a club like this closer to home if she wanted to dance there. She said she considered it but was afraid someone we knew would see her and tell me. I said well, I know now so she didn’t have to drive an hour. She said so you’re saying you don’t mind? I said if you enjoy it that much and you’re not cheating then no I don’t mind. She said she would consider it if I would come watch her dance. I said I enjoyed watching her get admired so I would come. She dances at the club close to home now a couple times a month. I always go to watch her dance. I surprised her one night by inviting several of my buddies that she knows to come too. She was giving me a lap dance when they showed up and sat at my table. She looked up and said Jim, Paul, Sam, Jerry, OMG what are you doing here? They said we came to see you. She looked at me and said you invited them didn’t you. I laughed and said yes. We had a table close to the stage to watch all the dancers dance including my wife. We had a great time. She gave all of us nude lap dances which we paid for. She seemed to be having a great time naked in front of guys she knew. When giving lap dances she seemed to get off straddling all of us and giving everyone a good view of her bare p****. Later at home she said thank you. I said for what? She said for thinking she was worth showing to our friends. I said you’re hot and I love showing you off. Sex was great and she said after sex that i could bring friends anytime I wanted. I said I’m glad you enjoyed it. She said watching our friends enjoying her breasts made her want to show them the rest. I said they enjoyed the rest too. She said OMG seeing them watching as she opened her legs and seeing their eyes focused on her bare p**** was enjoyable because she actually knew them and not just some stranger. We have been doing this at the club for a couple years now and it doesn’t get old.

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    • We were living in Vegas, and went out with 3 other couples. On the way back to North Las Vegas we stopped at the Palomino club. 2 of the wives decided that they were going to participate in the amateur dance. Well they talked the other wife into doing it too as more women that danced the more the prize is.
      Well they talked my wife into going up, it was all a combination drinking and excitement and if she did then the top prize would be $500, plus they got to keep all the tips throw on stage. Airmen didn't make a lot of money in the 70's.
      My wife came in second $250, she got alot of one's. I think they loved her bush, her tits were big as she was nursing, and they squirted.
      She was like the third one that danced and had to stand on stage naked while like 10 or so other girls stripped. I was sort of surprised on how quickly she became comfortable being naked in front of strangers and flirting with them.

    • My wife was 21 when she started stripping in a club in Florida. I wasn't happy about it and I didn't want other men seeing my young wife naked and giving lap dances. But the very first night she came home with more money than I made working construction all week. I couldn't believe how much money she was making and when she started doing private party's she would come home with no less than 5000 dollars sometimes more now I am not stupid I know that she was doing more than dancing in order to make that kind of money in one night and after a while I got used to it and her double lifestyle. She danced for almost 10 years and then she stopped and she admitted that she was fucking other men at the private party's I didn't hold it against her she was young and she has a hot body and nothing bad happened to her.

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