Caught Staring at the Nude Beach

The point of a nude beach is to be free and at peace with nature. It isn't about sex. Yeah, right.
It is all about nature, but even for the best-intentioned nudist, there is an undeniable, albeit subtle, sexuality to being fully exposed in the presence of others. The key is not to offend. It's ok to give appreciative glances to the people around, regardless of body-type. But long creepy stares are a big NO-NO. Even more, you don't harass... especially women. A bright smile and "Hello" in passing is fine, but move on if she doesn't engage you further. Erections are natural and need not be hidden, but they shouldn't be flaunted either.

I got to Haulover beach at sun-rise to establish position and set up a blanket and cooler. Very few people were around. I then went for a run. Two miles north and two miles back. It was well beyond the clothing option area, so I still had shorts on.

*I'm 55 and while not overly muscular--and, admittedly, not so handsome (anymore), I'm not "gross" either. I've kept in decent shape with lots of cardio and a low-carb diet.*

When I returned around 7:30, I removed my shorts and laid down for a nap. When I woke, there was a woman, late 30s, laying on a lounge chair around 25 feet (8meters) from me. She was, I'd guess, 5'4" and 130 (not skinny, but not fat), wavy blonde hair and large breasts. I could see all of her, but, to see me, she'd have to turn her head. This meant, I could enjoy her from a slight distance, without making her uncomfortable.

As the morning passed, I would make occasional glances at her and close my eyes. It did not make me "ragingly" horny, but the breeze going over my body and her general beauty inspired a semi-erection. It also inspired some nice day-dreams. I got up a few times to jog within the clothing-optional area. This gave me a chance to walk/run by her and get a better look--but again, I never stared.

Around 11am, after (another) short nap, I lifted my head to look at her. At that moment, she too sat up, looked my way and smiled. I smiled back, but was embarrassed... and even fearful I'd offended her. I repositioned myself-- so as to make it less easy to see her. I closed my eyes and started to drift off to sleep. I was awakened a few minutes later.

"Like what you see?" It was the girl. She was fully covered in a towel and looking down on me and my semi-erect penis.

"Have you been enjoying the show?," she said, "You've been looking since I got here."


I tried to cover myself and mumbled a few apologies.

"No worries, you're fine."

She knelt down close to me and we made small-talk. She spoke about ogling pervs she'd experienced in the past. But she made it clear I was, definitely, NOT one of them. She said that my glances had made her feel pretty. The distance I purposely kept made her confident I was I decent person. Then she really surprised me.

"You've been sweet and you deserve a better look." With that, she opened her towel in a way that only I could see her. She was slightly chubby, but very pretty nonetheless. Her desire for me to look at her was even more arousing than the actual flesh. I looked at her up and down-- her eyes, mouth, breasts, fluffy tummy. Her triangle of pubic hair looked amazing with the sweat of the warm day. I looked down her shapely legs and back up. Over and over again-- with her blessing. Drinking in her body, I felt tingly, though my erection stayed around half mast.

After closing her towel, she kissed my cheek. Then, very covertly, she gave my dick and balls a light squeeze and whispered, "Promise me you'll think about this later. I know I will." My penis jolted and grew to full. She smiled.

With that, she walked back to her chair and packed up. The last thing she did was put on her bikini bottoms. One last time, she gazed at me with a big smile, bent over giving me a perfect view of her pussy from behind, and pulled up her bottoms.

Then she was gone.

It's no secret what I did later that night. I hope some of you will be inspired to do the same after reading this. Comments always appreciated.


May 1

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    • Hauliver beach? I’d be after cock myself. But great story.

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