I want a gay threesome

I've told my wife I want to a threesome or moresome and that I want to suck a cock and take one in the ass. Preferably at the same time! She didn't seem interested in helping me explore my bisexuality... So I've resorted to using a dildo on myself to satisfy my urges from time to time. I'll suck the dildo for a bit then lube it up and ride it.

That said, my secret desire is to setup a little weekend getaway where we go to a hotel and I reserve two bisexual male escorts - under the guise of us getting a couples massage.

The two sexy men start by massaging us. The one doing her gives her a great massage. Then as she turns over, he ever so slightly massages her inner thighs and breast - which will definitely start getting her aroused. Mine, massages my back and goes down to my ass and caresses and touches my balls from behind. Then tells me to turn over. As I do, he massages my chest and shoulders, then he works his way down my body and starts rubbing my cock and caressing my balls... My wife looks over, he leans in and he takes me in his mouth. Surprisingly she doesn't freak out. So, I reach over and touch his crotch. I ask him to take off his pants. And his friend as well.

I get down off the massage table and get on my knees. I tell my wife to watch as I slowly take him in my mouth. Stroking the others cock at the same time. I alternate between these two huge shaved cocks. Then, I bend over and ask one to put it in my ass. I continue sucking the other one and ask my wife to watch as I take them from both ends... She sits on the edge of the bed fingering herself. I suck until he erupts in my mouth and the hot creamy cum drips down my chin. The other cums in my ass and it's dripping out. I motion for my wife and kiss her passionately. We rest a little and then the two of them DP her while she sucks my cock until I cum in her mouth. They cum in her ass and pussy.

We settle up and they leave. Then my wife and I shower and I eat her pussy until she cums. Then take her anally until I cum in her ass.

Just my little fantasy where I get to explore my bi side as well as finally fuck my wife in the ass.

Apr 28

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    • My wife married me knowing that I was bisexual and for the first couple of years the subject was never brought up until one day she started asking me questions about what I had done with other guys. She already knew that I was bi so I was honest with her and told her everything about sucking cock and getting ass fucked. Then one night we were in bed and just finished having sex and she asked if I would have sex with a guy so she could watch and see what it's like. I found a guy online that would be okay with my wife being there. I didn't hold back anything I sucked his cock and got him good and hard then he started fucking me first on my hands and knees and it felt amazing then I got on my back with my legs up over his shoulders and he was fucking me really hard and I was watching my wife playing with her pussy and the next thing I knew I was having a hands free orgasm from him fucking me and I shot cum all over my chest and face my wife couldn't believe what she was seeing me cumming like a woman being fucked. He was about to cum and I told him to cum in my mouth so he pulled out of my ass and got on top of me and I finished him off with my mouth. When it was all over my wife said that it was the hottest thing she had ever seen so after that night I was openly bi and she was OK with it as long as I was always the bottom for men and we have had an open marriage ever since then.

    • I fantasize about being a bottom quite a lot. My dream is to have two or more guys have their way with me. Cumming in my ass and mouth while my wife watches and plays with her pussy. Then hopefully joins in😀

    • My wife and I have done a bi threesome. She thought it would be hot to see me suck a cock. We both really enjoyed it.

    • Yeah... it's funny. She brought it up at first, and I wasn't interested. I think she just wanted to mess with me. Then, after thinking about it for a few weeks, I started getting turned on by the idea of it. Now, it's all I can think about! I've been masturbating to bisexual porn and femdom - where the woman makes the man suck cock or get fucked in the ass. The more I watch, the more I want to do it. It's so hot! And, the thought of doing it and having my wife there watching is even more of a turn on.

      I've also been fantasizing about her making me cum in her mouth while getting fucked by a huge cock.

    • She won't know unless you tell her. Have fun! I'd tell her for damn sure. My wife looks for hot gay guys for us to play with. I of course get all the cum as she hates cum amd I love it. I wish there was a drink made out of it you could buy in the store.

    • Oh, I’ve told her many times. I’ve even sent her gifs of what I want. I created an account on a porn site and have a bunch of saved boards of gifs - things like “My fantasies”, “Things I want to hear my wife say”, and “Things I want my wife to do” - and sent her the links to them.

      She talks a lot about how she’d like to be fucked in the ass, but when the time comes she chickens out. I think if I just do it once - and she enjoys it - she’d be more open to the other stuff.

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