Wearing wifes panty

I am a soldier who likes to wear his wifes panties and bras

Apr 28

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    • As my wife was ready to shower I told her don't forget to wear sexy panties to bed . She said no problem and that she has some for me to wear when I get out of the shower . Well when she was done she came out the shower told me as I was watching tv that she put my clothes for bed on the hamper in the restroom. As I get out the shower there a white t-shirt and blue lacy thong underwear. As I am looking at them in the restroom thinking if she serious a text comes across you better wear them if you want some tonight. Well i put them on and when I walked in the bedroom she had me turn around and lift my shirt . My cock was getting hard by the feel of the lace and how taboo it was. Well she had me get on the bed on all 4 had me spread my legs I just thought she wanted a better look nope .She started massaging my balls then running her finger over my taint and rose bud did not take long before I was full erect my cock trying to bust thru. About 5 minutes in this position and massaging my balls and taint and rose bud she reached around and my cock was leaking pre cum . She started pulling on the thong and letting it snap back I felt her move it aside and gently go across my anus slow I heard a snapping noise then her finger over my opening again wet now and her push into my entry she said relax and slapped my ass I can feel her finger go in them past her knuckle and In . My brain said this was wrong but my body was enjoying it to much my cock was dripping thru the panties as i pushed up against her finger then fingers. She told me don't move as she stood up on the bed i turned around and there was my wife wearing a 8 inch long dildo her tits perky as fuck with a look of beauty. Was not long before I fully gave in and she was mounted on me slapping against me . Any time she tells me to wear panties I don't say no.

    • Love this! Nothing better than getting fuvked whilst wearing the wife's Nickerson or your own. I love wearing them and have a whole drawer of me own.

    • You don't even know it's been on my mind everyday . Like I want to go to bed wearing them or have her toss me some and say put these on .

    • I'm male, but not in the army. I wear panties 24/7

    • Where are you? If in alaska I wanna see

    • Just dont caught by the enemy wearing them

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