Cock sucker

I’m paraplegic,so I use the VA. For my doctor appointments , so I have to use the big stalls to pee. I go inside one when I arrive for my appointment. And I’m startled to find a dude already sucking a dick, he looks at me his watch and says here he’s all yours I’m late trying suck some dick. He splits ,boner man his name I find later is Jim. So I don’t hesitate or think about it I slip his about six inch dick in my mouth. This is my first time I have no idea what to do, so I do what I like. And apparently he does to, so I wrap my tongue around this dick and suck like it’s a piece of hard candy. After a few minutes of this his load is in my mouth before I can instruct him what to do with it. So I swallowed had no choice since I didn’t plan ahead you have to go with the flow. And I liked the cum in my mouth part. Shocking but still enjoyable the hot jets hitting the back of my throat and the hot feeling on my tongue. Best new sensation in a long time. If your thinking of it try it. You mite like it, I’m now looking for something longer to feel what it’s like to feel dick in my throat.

Apr 28

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