My son's college friend sent my wife a pic of his dick!

I guess the boy's had learned to send email pictures and were experimenting.
My son's best friend was at a very conservative (church) college out of town.
My wife called me into the den to show me this large close-up of a fully hardened penis which came in an email - mistakenly addressed to her - not to my son.
The kid was a dopey awkward, very unathletic tall life=long friend of our sons. He also could not hide his infatuation with my son's sexy blonde mother, my wife!....and he had a very impressive dick! The thing was a moist monster!
We knew it was his - because of the ring on his finger - which was wrapped around his thick dick.
It was a "home-made" image taken in the privacy of his dorm room.
My wife asked if she should respond?! it was obviously getting her aroused the more she looked at it!
I suggested she step away from her computer, have a glass of wine and think about what might be an appropriate response to his sexy email. "Suppose - he has discovered that he did miss-send this porno photo to the mother of his best friend. He might be dying a slow death in embarrassment out there in his dorm room!"
She agreed - it would be best to respond - to put him out of his misery...because, awkward or not - he was a wizzard at computers! Maybe it wasn't a mistake?
Later that evening she called me into her desk to show me her response to poor Jeff's porno shot!
It read - "Dearest Jeff - I wanted to thank you for your sharing this lovely and very personal image of yourself with me! I see that you will make some lucky girl very happy in the future - but I think we should restrain our interests in each other in our future correspondences! Again, dear me! very impressive - Jeff!
Love, Mrs T___ter."

Well, I said," that should let him down gently - after he masturbates to what might be implied there!"

Apr 28

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    • My daughter had been friendly with a coworker, bit not dating. Out of nowhere he sends a "dick pic". That day, he asked my daughter if he received his special pic. Lying, she told him her phone had been acting funny and that she had all calls and texts forwarded to her Dad's phone (my phone). I wish I could have seen his face. He never spoke to her again and quit his job a week later.

    • My wife and I live close to a collage and we have had sex with many collage students male and female one night at our party twenty two guys pulled a train on my wife the next day she said she felt like she had been in a car wreak sore all over but would for sure do it again

    • That’s exactly how I felt after fucking those 3 young BBCs. The love making session lasted over 5 hours.

      When those boys were done I couldn’t move. I tried to get up to shower but when I stood up my legs were like jello.

    • My son ran the 4 X 400 in high school. I need up fucking his relay mates

    • Throughout the years I can’t even begin to tell you how many of my kids friends would text me, then they tag me on social media, it starts off innocent like happy birthday or happy Mother’s Day, then they all wanna chat, the chatting turns into flirting, I absolutely adore the attention, and the stares when they come over as well.

      We went out for girls night, dancing at the club, getting drunk, I happen to bump into one of my sons friends (John) we danced and chatted. I let him have a little feel. We left, John texted me to ensure I was safe and made the train back home, which we missed, another train would be by in an hour, he and his friends were now returning home as well. We chatted some more on the train, he asked to drive me home, but I declined. My from stef was looking to get laid, and told John she needed a ride. They went back to her place and had sex.

    • The next morning I meet up with stef and she tells me John is really into me, after they did it, he was asking questions about me, she even went on and said he called your name when he busted. That got me fantasizing. Fast forward 2 months, at the bar John walks me to my car and kisses me, I kiss him back and leave. Now it’s full on sexting, when he gets home I get a dick pic and saying I left him that way. I tell John to meet me down the block where I blow him. The next morning I gave into temptation and texted him when everyone had left, to meet me at the hotel, too many cameras at the house. And he did, and we had sex. I had a 6 month affair with, until it got crazy. We went on a cruise, and John needed going with Stef on the same cruise. Stef was divorced 3 times, and hubby thought that was her boy toy which he was also. I was having six with John on the cruise, even had a threesome with Stef. That’s when I knew it was getting out of control and ended it

    • She for sure going to fuck him and I would let her if she were my wife send him some pussy picture open up be wild my wife and I love doing things like this

    • Why is he sending your son dick pics?

    • Well, I think we all know what Mrs T will be enjoying this summer.

      You know damn well Jeff is going to be going balls deep in her as she rides his cock hard.

      Your kidding yourself if you think your wife is not going to find out what that cock feels like

    • Love how so many of you guys angrily say the wife is going to run towards every dick.
      Sad that anger issues pop up even here.
      There are plenty of sexy wives out there who are not sluts!

    • You are kidding yourself if you think any woman would be able to turn down a young hard cock like that.

      You are right there are a lot of sexy wife’s who are good and don’t cheat. But every mother of college aged kids can’t stop but think of all that young hard cock and how much they enjoyed that time of their lives and how much they miss it

    • No doubt about it! We live in a college town and my wife has never turned down one big young cock. She's had more cock in her than a porcupine has quills. I don't mind it because I know they are young and she is just draining their balls and enjoying the ride. She always encourages them to tell their friends as well there's been many weekends that we've had a number of guys come through the house if you know what I mean.

    • Well if there is such a thing they sure would not be on here!

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