A sexy Hispanic lady

I was installing the internet at a new restaurant yesterday. The owners wife was there helping him set the place up. She is Hispanic and very attractive. She was wearing a pair of white leggings that really showed off her hot body and very fat pussy. I was so fucking hard that I had to go in the bathroom and stand in front of the urinal and jerk off. It only took a few strokes and I was spraying the urinal with a massive amount of jizz.

Apr 28

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    • My latina affair was so sensual. She actually hid her sexuality pretty well, but she loved to fuck. She never had less than a dozen orgasms when we met at hotels, and I'm nothing special. She was a self described nymph

    • My girl is Cuban and she’s so good to my cock. She plays with my balls and asshole too. When I eat her from behind she pushes her beautiful asshole and pussy hard against my whole face. I love her

    • Hispanic women are so fucking horny as well.

    • They smell of a burro’s rotting ass.

    • Never met one that wasnt and they are great in bed

    • Yes and the best dick suckers

    • I agree. They do love to swallow too lol

    • And usually more concerned about making sure their man is taken care of

    • Thats what makes them so hot. Them and black women

    • Oh yes, never had a black woman but that is my dream. Love the dark areoles on Hispanic women and black women

    • My last fwb was black. She was a daddys girl lol. Very sexual! And loved white dick

    • Fat pussies are so fucking gorgeous - they feel wonderful around your swollen cock as you ram the owner from behind.

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