Fucked Ex-Wife’s Sister at Sons Wedding

About 5 years ago, my wife and I divorced and it wasn’t very smooth and amicable. She also has a married sister and they don’t get along. Fast forward two years and my son got married and at the wedding my wife’s married sister came on to me (we always had an attraction but never acted on it) and we had both had enough to drink and wound up fucking like animals in a coat room. We dated (ok actually just fucked more) very briefly after but that was it and nobody else knew. My wife enjoys any opportunity to shove things in my face if she thinks it will hurt me. Like if she’s dating someone or had some good fortune. I’m trying to be mature and not use this as some revenge but I want to so bad. It would seriously piss her off. Should I tell her and if so when and how? Or just forget about it?

Apr 26

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    • OP here….I decided not to tell. I’m not the cunt that she is, and won’t upset my children over this like she would if it were reversed.

    • My exs daughter (my ex step) has wanted me for years. Only reason I would have done her was to hurt my ex but didn’t.

    • Don't tell her

    • Tell her! She is an ex isnt she? I told my ex that i fucked her sister!

    • I fucked my X's niece. After the divorce I moved away as left everything behind. New life out west. Well I'd been living there for about 4 years when this chic knocks on my door. Like yeah what you need, and she says you don't recognize me I'm you niece (my wife's brother's daughter). Now I always got along with him but don't know how he'd gotten my address but she was traveling and would I mind if she stayed for a while. Well I have a nice tiny home with privacy and she ended up staying for 3 months. We started having sex at the end of the first week. She was a freak. She didn't get dressed often lounging around naked or in a see thru nightie. She was highly sexed unlike her aunt, but was pretty sloppy and lazy like her aunt.
      She loved getting tattoos. She had a lot but my friend was a tattoo artist and put a few more on her for sex.
      I was home for a funeral and saw the x. I let her know that her niece was a much better piece of ass than she was. It felt great

    • 100% tell her! Does she have anmnymore siblings? I'd fuck them too and her mom! Then start on her cousins! I hate bitches like that!

    • Lol, she does have a pretty hot cousin!

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