Needing Your Cum For My Wife

My wife is a beautiful 28 year old lady I’m 40 and have medical issues we want a child and artificial insimation is to expensive we live in the north Atlanta area and looking for guys interested in breeding her and never know their names or witch one is the daddy of the child we get the room you come inbreed her and leave nothing else if interested let us know and we can tell you more

Apr 25


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    • Margaret, so I’m guessing it’s a no. So sorry you decided against is

      Your Texas Bull

    • Margaret, what happened?

    • Guess you are having second thoughts…..

    • Still waiting…..

    • We also want pictures of yourself dressed and nude and one of your wife she can be dressed I will provide the same for you dressed and nude we will have a private line of communication set up this weekend after that is set I would maybe do some FaceTime if that’s ok

    • Sounds like a plan.

    • We are setting up the link you ready

    • Ready and waiting😛

    • Anyone not married or anyone that their wife doesn’t control their lives we are still open for guys to talk to

    • My wife does NOT control my life. Just trying to have an open and honest relationship

    • Read my post about ten are so down below

    • Just answered your reply below. Sorry been traveling today

    • Margaret, I’m guessing that since you did not provide a means to contact you as promised that you are no longer interested or have found someone else to satisfy your needs.

      Is that true?

    • This may have worked if your wife would have not been allowed to be involved in this you would have been in Atlanta she would have never found out ❤️

    • Yes we Thank you for your time and interest in this but I don’t think you would be our guy nothing against you or you wife but after talking about this I think your wife’s not ready for you to be apart of this we affairs it could cause problems down the road and we not into that if I’m not trusted form the start then I sure wouldn’t be later again Thanks for you time and effort hope you and your wife the best

    • Margaret, sorry you have had second thoughts we could have had so much fun together.

      BTW, Cheryl and Sharon can by last night and asked if I could help them conceive again. So it looks like I do have a couple ladies interested in what I have to offer.

      Wish you were still interested

    • You can have other women but I couldn’t have other men ?? That’s what I’m talking about

    • If I don’t work with Cheryl and Sharon and just have you and my wife would that be ok?

      I really wanted to get to know you better.

    • So if I might want to do a guy that works with me that would be ok?

    • I was hoping that you and I would have a chance before anyone else.

      However, I am confident that after we have our time together you will not need anyone else to fulfill your desires.

      But that might be even more obvious if you do that guy at work 😉

    • Ok Brandon and I have talked about this only way we will feel comfortable with this is if I come to Houston alone and we engage in a threesome with you wife included that way we know we are all cool with this she doesn’t even have to join in the sex long as she’s in the same room with us and she is naked also then we can move forward on the breeding and future sex meetings and must be in a hotel Just let us know???

    • I think we could make that work. I’ll have to talk to her. When were you planning to cum to TX?

      Also when can re trade pics?

    • It would be the week after July fourth I’m booked up at work till then we have not got anything setup yet to try and get information to each other and not on this site I’ll get my friend back over sometime this weekend to fix that for us just let us know if you and your wife are going to do this with myself I’m up for Bi if she is into that also

    • In theory yes, but we want to see pics before committing and think you would want the same

    • I really think it can be very special. Not in love but making incredible love.

    • I wanted to ask about your wife you said earlier she had did bbc I watched some nbc porn with I find it very hot snd makes me very horny but I don’t think I would ever be into it just wondering if she told you some hot stories I bet they really opened her up I just want a good guy to have great sex and do some naughty things I need to get out and I’m so ready to be pregnant my friend Kim is coming over about 6:00 pm to help us with an e mail

    • Margaret, can’t wait till we can communicate more openly and get to know each other very well if you know what I mean.

      Regarding my wife, she lost her dad when she was young and her mom when she was a teen. She spent HS and college being very promiscuous. As a matter of fact we met about 1 year after we graduated college. I did not know but she was dating another guy at the time. We ended up dating and a few months later one thing led to another and we had sex (lost my virginity). She stated while we were having sex that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me.

      Next time I was at her apartment some of her furniture was missing and she said her ex boyfriend took his furniture. She said they were not living together but not sure. She then confided in me that she had “multiple lovers” in the past but she no longer needed any one other than me and we have been together since and I believe she has been monogamous with the exception of Andrea.

      I’ve asked her about BBC and she never confirmed or denied it. She has never told me the exact number of partners but I know it’s more than a dozen and she has said there has been no other man since that time and I believe her.

      I ask her from time to time if she enjoys me and she tells me that I’m big. I ask her if it’s the largest she has had and she usually replies with something like it’s big and it’s perfect for me. When I ask her about others she says it was a different time. It was just sex it was not love and not even a passionate fuck.

      So I’m pretty sure she has covered the full menu in her earlier days and I am just happy she chose me and has been mine all these years and feel so blessed that she enjoys sharing me to a select few.

    • Hello posted below I’m want to hear more of your wild night

    • Sorry for the delay. Got a little busy even after we got back home. A lot to cover but will stick to the highlights.

      I checked into the hotel early so that I could put some flowers in the room as a surprise and turned down the AC the way she likes it. Drove back to our house and we headed down town after she got off of work. We valeted the car and by passed check in. Told my wife I used the app to check in and save time. We went to the room and dropped off the bags. She loved the flowers. After some passionate kisses we went down to the restaurant as we had reservations. We had a nice meal and a few cocktails. There were some nice bars near by but she wanted to stay near the hotel. We went to the roof top bar the view was great but the drinks terrible. So we went down to the main bar. Had a couple drinks. She whispered in my ear how horny she was and how she wanted to take a shower with me and suck my cock. That mad me soo hard. She then rubbed my leg and felt my cock through my jeans and said, “ok let’s finish these and go upstairs”

      We then go to the room. My wife em went to freshen up and I stood at the window looking out at the skyline. She came up to me and kissed me from behind. I turned and leaned against the window sill. We began to kiss passionately. She took off my shirt and asked if people could see us. I said no. And then she undid my belt and unzipped my jeans and to her surprise I had on no boxers. She dropped to her knees and started giving me the most passionate BJ I ever had standing infont of the window still wearing my boots and with my jeans at my knees. She was never into giving oral but she was sucking it sloppy and deep moaning and even gaging a little. But she stopped right as I was about to explode

    • She then made me sit down and proceeded to take off my boots and jeans and then do a little strip tease. She then grabbed me by the dick and led me to the bed. Sat me down and sucked me some more. She then went to lay on the bed and I layed down next to her. She smiled and said, “ I can’t wait for you to do incredible things to me”. I gave her a passionate kiss. Reached down to find her very wet. I then proceeded to go down on her. I love the way my wife tastes. (My mouth is watering as I write this). I lick and suck on her clit as she moans and thrusts her hips I enter her with 3 fingers and her moans increase on intensity. I begin to stimulate her g spot as I suck on her clit. She tells me to stop but I can tell she is in intense pleasure so I continue (I never seen her so aroused in 27 almost 28 years of having sex with her).

      She pushed my head downward I continue to suck her clit more aggressively while stimulating her g spot and then she lets out the loudest Moab and gushes like a freaking porn star. She never did that before. She said “oh my god, that never happened before. Im so sorry”. She wanted to get up but I didn’t allow her. I started sucking on her breast and made her aroused once again then gave her a passionate kiss just as I inserted my cock inside of her. I started slow taking long slow strokes inside and almost taking my cock out so she could feel all of me and I Could enjoy the sedation of insertion over and over again.

    • She became quite aroused and demanded me to “fuck me, fuck me harder” (this coming from a proper southern woman). So I did what she asked I pounded her so hard I thought the bed was going to break. She moaned and screamed. (I know our neighbors and people in the hall had to hear her). And as I was about to explode I thrusted deep and blew my load as my head was pressed against her cervix and she gushed again.

      By that time the bed was a wet mess and we called for them to be changed. We put on our robes and my wife retreated to the bathroom when the person arrived to change the sheets it was a cute Hispanic woman and you could tell she was a bit uncomfortable. I helped her change the sheets and she begin to talk. She smiled and said, “ very good time. Very lucky lady.” My wife heard that and stepped out of the bathroom. She then pulled me away from helping and began to kiss me and in did my robe and starts sucking my cock in front of the lady. She stood there and smiled licking her lips for a second before she collected the sheets and left. Just before she left I reached orgasm as she said bye.

      My wife said. “She wanted you. She wanted you to do wonderful things to her. But you are mine and I am not sharing you tonight.”

      We spent the night doing various other positions including doggie style as we both looked out over the Houston Skyline.

      Woke up in the morning to a little sloppy 69 then drove home.

    • I’m so ready to get into this but for sure I have not been with anyone but Brandon and my toys I don’t understand why your wife is so worried about me being with someone else I assure you I have not but I’m not going to keep being confronted with this issue I’m looking for the right guy the statement Brandon posted should have read looking for guys to comment and meet but only have sex with the one we choose that’s what I said and maybe have more sex after I am pregnant with that same guy

    • Ok. I think that I will be able to convince her. You can understand her concerns I’m sure as you don’t want some guy that is sacking every girl that walks by. This is NOT a committed relationship but it’s also not just a one night stand either.

      Hoping you can determine how we can communicate soon. Just got home from our night on the town and evening in the Hilton Americas and she is wanting some MORE.

      I hope you will feel the same way.

    • I do I want you because you sound like the kind of guy that I want to father my child and the kind of guy I want to keep having sex with after I’m pregnant you really sound like the perfect guy for that that’s why I have taken such interest in you Brandon and I are very much I love and will always be but I do have sexual needs he can’t provide and that’s why we finally agreed on this me being the hold up you grabbed our attention with being older and married we felt it would just be sex and no love and I feel it will be so hope to get set up tomorrow afternoon on email till then I do want to hear what you want to do to me and I’ll tell you then what I want you to do to you😜

    • I’ll give you some more details of last night later if you are interested, Margaret

    • Yes

    • Margaret, hoping you can find a way for us to communicate. Had a spectacular evening of love making with my wife all will dreaming it was you.

      I came so fast, hard and multiple times. As a matter of fact my wife called it quits before I was done.

      She asked what had gotten in to me. I did not want to tell her that I was thinking of you.

      Can’t wait

    • Make sure that she gets the fuck some BBC as well. They are Ultra potent and will get a white girl pregnant in a hurry! I know for a fact

    • I don’t do bbc not really into that

    • Margaret, in speaking to my wife she is still in support but does want to see images of you and wants to be sure that there are no others.

      She stated, “Tell them that I know that I am blessed and have been willing to share but she finds the original post concerning about no one will know the father”. We do not want financial responsibility or family ties to the offspring but she is concerned about the health risks to her if I were to be one of multiple “bulls”.

      Hope you are understand. Felt I needed to share this quickly. As she has growing concerns. Hope you and Brandon are able to comment accordingly and get those pics to us soon. Would be good if we had a better means to communicate so she could speak to you directly if she feels the need.

      Do note that we need to be sure and temper some of our plans.

      She is not aware of this site only a pic of the original post I have shared.

      Your Texas Bull

    • We are setting up a way to make this work Sunday afternoon when my friend comes over to do this and I say again I’m not putting personal information on this web site Thanks

    • Understood. I can’t stop thinking of you. And my wife is getting nervous that you will be with others.

      We are going to have a romantic evening but Margaret, I will be thinking of you and the things I want us to do together

    • I would love 69 it’s one of my favorite things and I love sucking balls also in 69 I’ve been working with my butt plugs they are amazing I still can’t handle the biggest one yet and it’s smaller than your cock but I’m working on it I really want to experience this with you I watch porn now to try an come up with some play things I think anal lying on my side would be hot for me I’m really ready to get into this and I can’t wait to be pregnant and watch my stomach and breast swell I think pregnant women are sexy

    • So you would like to kiss with cum in our mouths?

      I think that would be sooo fucking hot! As for anal and toys. I usually do not use toys during sex but am own to it if you wish.

      All I ask is that you do what you need to get prepared. But don’t over prepare. The thought of you being 2 finger tight is driving me crazy. That will feel incredible. Let’s keep it that way. We will let time spent with my little cock work it out a little.

      I just hope you and Brandon allow me to enjoy the fruits of our labor and get my greater than fair share of “prego pussy”

      The thoughts of laying behind you spooning while fucking you in the pussy with your sexy baby hump as you near term then slide my cock into your ass so we can cum a second time.

      Not to mention those engorged breasts with the darkened and even more sensitive areoles

    • Brandon was eating my pussy last night he’s has gotten so horny with all this he really had me horny as hell but after all the orgasms I had I still wanted a nice dick that he can’t provide I do feel so bad for him but this has really help him feel better about himself and I think when I’m pregnant he will be more pleased and yes I am excited about you wanting to go down on me after we have sex I’ve never had a guy do me this way but I feel like it would be amazing One thing I want to do is feel what a big load feels like to have in my mouth and what it will taste like to swallow I have seen this in porn but never tried it before Brandon can’t produce any sperm and I never let the other guy finish in my mouth I just thing it’s so hot to watch those girls take their man juice and swallow it and I would also like to feel it on my breast also I love when porn guy finch on the girls breast too Brandon wants you to finish on my breast but I don’t know how comfortable he would be about me swallowing you sperm so we will do this when we are alone

    • I have never cum in a woman’s mouth and would love for that to be another first we share. My wife did not like to suck dick until lately but she has yet to allow me to cum in her mouth.

      She only sucks dick after having several back to back orgasms to keep me interested while her pussy gets some rest. After a few minutes she hops back on to continue the ride.

      As for another fantasy that I would like to fulfill for you and I would love for Brandon to watch. But after we get to know each other better and perfect our timing…..

      I would love for us to do the 69 and that we reach orgasm simultaneously. Cum in each others mouths then you turn around and give me a passionate kiss as you slide my cock in your pussy while laying on top of me. Then while we are “one” we turn over and I begin to fuck you passionately hard and deep and just as I am about to explode we begin to kiss again with my young thriving deep in your mouth as my cock pulses and leaves it’s load in your sexy quivering tight pussy

    • The first time I had sex with my wife was when I lost my virginity

      This is exactly what she did to me. But I did not cum in her mouth. I gave her an oral orgasm while 69 and next thing I know we were kissing and my cock was inside.

      She was much more experienced and more loose so we may need to practice this a bit. But once we master it. We will need to show Brandon.

      I know once she did that and said she wanted me for the rest of her life I knew I had to marry her

    • Margaret, I’m so sad. I woke up expecting to have a response from you and nothing.

      You marked my posts with hearts but no response. Are you no longer interested?

    • Margaret, damn it. I wish we had a way to communicate right now. I’m alone in this hotel room and would love to FaceTime or something where we could talk dirty and see each other

      Tomorrow I will get back to Houston and take my wife for a night on the town and a night in a high end hotel to enjoy one of our last evenings together befor our daughter comes back from college.

      Share with me something that you would like me to do to my wife tomorrow while thinking of you.

      I want Brandon to eat your pussy till you cum and then slide his tongue down to your asshole and lick it while you are thinking of me.

      Then on Saturday we can leave a post to share with each other or better yet you and Brandon will have a means for us to communicate directly by then.

      If I don’t get to Atlanta soon I will have to get you over to Houston.

      And if all goes well. Maybe you can come to Houston while my wife and daughter are in Europe this June. We can play house and have sex in every room and beside and inside the pool.

      We will have to be careful though as we don’t want neighbors to know

    • Margaret, can’t wait till we can find a more open way to communicate one on one. Just finished a meeting and I could think about is you and how you must look (can’t wait for the pictures).

      When the meeting ended I had such a hard on that I did not want to stand up and shake hands.

      I also thought about something I need to share with you when we can talk…..

      I have an app I use to track my sleep and snoring. There are a few nights that it recorded my wife and her almost hour long orgasms.

      I just hope I will be able to grant you similar pleasures. My fear is that being that your pussy is so much tighter than anything else I have experienced that I will not be able to perform to that same level

    • To answer the fist thing with you penis size I don’t think it will be a problem of time because you are going to make me orgasm quick also and no one has ever given me a Pearl necklace before an yes I would wear one for you as for my areoles they are a deeper brown my nipples are about nickel round size and my areoles are about Coke can round Brandon and I do want to me to keep meeting you for sex after I become pregnant don’t worry about lasting along time right now like I said you cock size will make it up Brandon has also been so excited thinking of his wife getting what I need for my bull

    • OMG. I’m so hard right now. I love dark areoles. As I said my wife and Andrea’s are light pink. Andrea’’a are small with long nips and my wife’s are a little smaller than yours and small nipples.

      I love sucking on nipples and never had the opportunity for such large ones like yours.

      Right now I am having a few bourbons with a couple of the guys that work me and smoking a cigar.

      Will post more about my thoughts. OMG you got me thinking of you

    • Ok, in my hotel room. Now I can lie here and tell you what I was thinking earlier.

      I was thinking of how nice it would be to have you by my side while sipping a bourbon and smoking a n expensive cigar while the entire bar had their eyes glued on you wondering how in the world is that sexy young woman with that bald old guy.

      Then I thought how my wife hates cigars but how wonderful it would be to light a cigar after sex and instead of dipping the cigar tip in my bourbon how wonderful it would taste if I dipped it in our fluids as they dripped from your pussy.

      I thought of how when I suck on my wife’s breasts it makes her cum and how she then rushes to get my pants down so she can grab my cock. I can help but hope I have a similar effect upon you.

      While I was driving to the hotel this evening I played the recordings of my wife and I making love captured on the sleep app. Hearing her moan and scream. Asking for more. Asking for it deeper. Repeating I love your cock, don’t stop, deeper, and you are the best cock I ever had between moans.

      She used to not be vocal during sex but the last week or two she has been very vocal and giving a lot of head.

      I hope that I can make you feel the same way and that I can be the best cock you have ever had.

      I also hope you will allow me to go down on you after I fill you with cum. My wife will not let me but that is one of my top fantasies along with another one I will share with you later after you share with me one of your fantasies

      Good night, sweet dreams sexy Margaret.

      As for me, I will have wet dreams staring you my dear

    • Replied to your name question below

      However, Margaret, I have a couple of questions for you.

      Brandon said you have 44DD breast. I never been with a well endowed woman before. Can I give you a pearl necklace? Did you ever receive a pearl necklace?

      Can you also comment as to the size and color or your areoles and nipples. My wife and Andrea have very light pink areoles and I find dark areoles so HOT.

      Also, assuming our venture is successful and you conceive does that mean we are done? I hope that is not the case as sex during pregnancy is next level erotic. And some of the best sex I ever had was when my wife was breast feeding. We conceived our daughter as my wife rode my cock and squirted milk from her breasts into my mouth and all over my face.

      I hope that we will be able to share a similar experience about this time next year

    • I replied about five post below I’m really starting to get horny thinking about this I have not had a man really take me for about 5 years now that’s went his issues started I’m glad Brandon posted this and you answered

    • I can’t wait as well. Hopefully we can talk and get to know each other as we plan for our meeting so that it’s not as “weird” and it can be more intimate as we spend time communicating and getting sexually connected

    • I hope I’m on your mind because you are starting to be on mine I’m starting to yarn for a guy to give me pleasure for at least and hour or more like I’ve said I love Brandon very much and would never leave him but when a women starts to get into sex talks with a guy who can give her a get sexual time she starts to get hot and horny I feel this will be more the case after I become pregnant but like I say make love not fall in love I want to call you by name but we don’t want to know your real name any ideas on what we can refer to you as maybe Margaret’s bull

    • Margaret, you are making me HARD. There is no doubt you are on my mind. I can’t wait for photos and a means to communicate more directly and privately. I just hope that I live up to your expectations. My fear is that you will be too good and I will not last long enough and disappoint you.

      I can’t wait till we finally get together and make love and a baby. I don’t want you to ever stop loving Brandon. But I do hope you LOVE it when we make love together.

      My singular goal when with a woman is to make sure she is satisfied. And the more we trade messages the more I desire the perfect experience for you.

      As far as what you call me, I don’t care. I just don’t ever want you to call me your ex…..

      I really do expect for us to have a wonderful time.

      Tell your friend to hurry up with those arrangements so we can trade pics and start communicating and sharing more intimate intentions

    • Margret….

      My wife was good, but we will be sooo much better together. Just under two hours of love making. But I could not stop thinking of you. I started by licking her pussy it was so WET and took no time for her to start to cum and trap my face in her hairy bush. I love my wife’s bush but all I could think about is your juicy wet shaved pussy. I have never eaten a pussy that was shaven smooth.

      I then worked my way up her body with my tongue and spent some time sucking her breast while fingering her pussy with three then four fingers. It was driving her wild as she laid her thriving her hips in bed. I could not help but think about how much tighter you will be and then began to suck on her breast harder. She then began to climax again as I was imagining how much more full your breasts will be as she is 38C which I thoroughly enjoy. Can’t wait for your 44DDs.

      I then pulled out my fingers which were drenched in her sweet pussyfoot juice and licked them clean before kissing her softly then gradually slipping my tongue deeper in her mouth as I inserted my cock deeper into her all while thinking oh man I’m going to have to be so much more slower as I enter Margret with her tight young sweet pussy. The more I thought about you the deeper I would thrust my cock into her. Sliding it out till the glans of my penis were almost to her labia then slowly but firmly thrust back in to the point that I was balls deep in her and could feel the Glans of my penis push against her cervix.

    • Continued….

      All I could think of is my baby girl has never been completely filled and cervically stimulated and I am going to be her first. I kept thinking this my wife became more and more stimulated and her pussy clinched my cock as she entered into an intense climax and I exploded deep inside her. As I released my load and I thought of us my cock continued to pulse inside her her pussy began to quiver as she let out the loudest moan I ever heard

      All I could think about is what a show Brandon is going to see and how I can’t wait to spend an entire night with you. I also thought damn! I need to tone this down as after next week our daughter will be home for the summer and I can’t have her mom sounding like a fucking whore begging for more cock as she lay there saying how she needed more while I walked to the shower

    • Brandon and I have talked about some of the things we would like to happen he really wants to watch you give me oral as I lay across his lap so he can watch my facial expressions. Then he wants to give me oral as I give you oral he said he’s even ok with you unloading in my mouth and I’m good with that as well then he wants to fill like he is a part of my breeding he want me to lay with on my back with my head a shoulders in his lap as you and I kiss deeply and I said we might need to go slow but Brandon said he really wanted to hear me moan out loud so he wants you to lube up and just start the head inside me and in one push go as deep as you can it may hurt me but I will do it for him but he does want to hold me while you are fertilizing my womb for our child that makes him feel like he is part of it hope you don’t mind his request and do you have anything you want to do please feel free to as we are very opened minded I also have a friend coming over Sunday to set up a way for us to pass personal information to get started we would like maybe a nude of your wife if you don’t mind she sounds amazing !!

    • Would love to share a nude of my wife but she won’t allow me.

      I’m ok with you laying across Brandon’s lap as I eat you out, but he needs to stay clothed. I’ve never had sex with another man in the room. Don’t know how that is going to go especially if he is naked.

      Also we will need to play it by ear regarding the position you guys are in as we do the initial act. I can understand him wanting to be close and respect that. I just think it may be difficult for me to passionately kiss you as your head rests in your husband’s lap. Not ruling it out but that may be a little uncomfortable.

      Regarding aggressive entry, it does sound HOT, but if you and I want to have some time to enjoy each other after Brandon leaves we may need to take it easy so that you don’t tear. I don’t want to hurt you. But I do want to rock your world and assure that you want to meet up again and again

    • We agree he will be fully clothed and we discussed that he would watch for the side line when the deep kissing and live making start he is good with that he said he could I stand you being nerves and he doesn’t want to mess up our moment so we ask for you to tell me out loud when you are going to cum inside me snd he’s just going to reach over snd hold my hand as you cum inside me his good with that as for Brandon ratting me I will be on all fours and him fully clothed under me and you side on the side of the bed and I give you oral as he eats me out all you will see of him is his legs across the bed he doesn’t won’t you to slam into me he just wants you to make one push and not stop till your all the way in me I have three size butt plugs so I should be ready we are so excited about this and I had a thought when we alone I love my hair pulled you could get me doggy and do anal and pull back on my hair and unload inside me Brandon would live to hear that story

    • Damn, Margret, I want you so bad right now!

      I was thinking of you as I fucked my wife last night. I’m traveling today but will have a night on the town in a fancy hotel with my wife Friday.

      Be assured you will be on my mind.

    • Oh I did get a butt plug because Brandon wants to watch us do anal for our first time and he want you to have me doggy and lubed up and start the head in and then in one push go all the way as he watches my face after that he only eats to watch the breed sessions the rest of the time we will be alone

    • Market, excited that you have the plug to get your back side ready.

      We will give Brandon a show, but I can’t wait until it is you and I so that we can explore each other and push each other to the limit

      Can’t wait till we can talk and trade pics

    • Margret, figured I give you some details. I am waiting for my wife to come home so I can make love to her while thinking of us.

      I went ahead and took some penile measurements using my wife’s sewing tape

      Flaccid. 5inches Long and 4.75 in circumference

      Erect. 7.25 inches long and 5.5 in circumference

      Sorry for the inaccuracy in my earlier posts.

      Hope you are disappointed as the girth is a bit lower that I stated before. However, I’m not “rock hard” right now and I am positive that you can get the little guy to grow a little more.

      I’ll let you know what we do tonight and Friday while I am wishing it was you

    • No that’s just fine Brandon is only 5 Erect and like 4 in circumference we both are ready to enjoy me taking a bigger dick inside me Brandon has a hard time keeping it hard and no sperm count I hate watching him dealing with this that’s why I gave into him about getting another guy to impregnate and start having sex with this guy for pleasure I hope it might help him out by watching me be pleasured by another guy i only like older guys also so your a nice age for me Brandon only wants to watch us as you are impregnating me he wants us to be alone for the pleasure and me to tell him about it as I pleasure him hoping it will help our sex life out I have never had a man cum inside me during anal but I’m willing and I’ve never swallowed a man’s cum other than Brandon but ready to take that on too and my size is two of my fingers are tight in my pussy and only one in anal so like I sad we my have to start slow we are going to find a way to trade info soon

    • You may want to get a butt plug to start stretching out your anus as there is no way we are going to get my little guy in there. I have never ejaculated during anal sex so I would love for us to share that as a mutual first.

      Regarding your two finger vagina, yes we are going to have to take is slow and gentle. But that is what I prefer. The act of sex should be “love making” and not fucking. My wife and other lovers have been 3 to 4 finger vaginas. So you will be “my little piece of heaven”.

      My wife and Andrea are rather easy 3 fingers and almost a full four. But they still are quite enjoyable for me and both claim that I have the best cock in the world. They also both had a lot of experience in High School and college. Both were into BBC in their younger days.

      Never thought of them as “loose” but compared to you they are quite loose.

      I can’t wait! I am also happy that you don’t mind my age. I was concerned that would be an issue as my first sexual experience was with my wife when were dating back in Aug of 1993 the weekend before I graduated from college.

      I always go back to that night as my most memorable sexual experience. But I am now convinced that the time you and I spend together will definitely sky rocket to the top. Just hope I can last inside of your sweet, tight pussy!

      Hugs and kisses.

      I’m so horny now. I’m going to go in the next room and make my bride moan like it was our honeymoon!!

    • Please read my post below Hi Texas this is Margaret

    • Margret do reply to my post to your original message or the one below as to what you think.

      I’m very excited and can’t stop thinking about the things we can experience together to make the conception of your first child memorable and hopefully a longer term sexually satisfying experience

    • We are very interested Brandon and I want to get together and lay out the way we would like to move forward we’ll give info on next little while Thanks

    • Margret, I so happy to hear that. Ever since you replied I’ve just been imagining what you must look like and how tight your pussy must be since you are so young and have no children.

      I haven’t been able to focus on work and have not been able to leave my office due to the massive hard on I have for you right now.

      Can’t wait to go home this evening and have sex with my wife while imagining that I am making love to my Baby Girl, Margret (our secret as she would be upset)

      I even arranged for a night out on Friday at a fancy hotel in Houston so that I can have a few margaritas and practice for our time together. We have such naughty sex in hotels. I’m sure our neighbors hate us. I con only hope you and I can do the same or even better.

      Anxiously awaiting the photos so that I can gain final approval and send you a pic of my little guy so you can see if he is enough to meet your needs

      Don’t make me wait too long my magnificent Margret

    • Oh maybe you and Brandon can set up a temporary email and use that to initiate our conversation then transfer to your regular account.

      Not sure how to do that or I would have already

      Anxiously waiting

    • Baby girl, I read your post and replied. Very interested.

      I’ve expanded on my sexual history as well. For you to be more comfortable.

      I can’t wait for the pics. But I am also a bit concerned about contact info on this site and to be fare a bit nervous about meeting up as well.

      You will see that my experience is rather limited for my age and all within a close circle arranged by my beautiful bride

    • My wife snd I just read all your comments below we are highly interested in meeting you for this service and as you stated the process and enjoyment is a huge plus we both agree to doing this in a hotel she will stay with you for as long as you are in Atlanta I want you to breed her as much as possible all I ask is can I watch and enjoy my self maybe a couple of times then it would be you and her all the rest of the time we are looking forward to this and this might become a regular thing even after she’s pregnant i we would like to have a guy we trust to keep her happy and I’m totally ok with that Thanks for you response

    • A couple of questions.

      1) I’m assuming the note above is meant for the “guy from Texas”?

      2) Can we sign some papers that state if your wife does become pregnant that you identify me and hold me harmless to any financial responsibility for your wife and potential offspring?

      3) You also guarantee me that I will be the only other man besides you involved with your wife and that you and your wife are clean of any and all STDs and will remain so.

      4) Be willing to send me some pics of your wife so that I can make a decision if this is indeed something I am willing to consider. In turn I will send your wife some pics to make sure I meet her standards

      5) That if we decide to move forward and once we meet that if I decide for any reason to terminate our agreement I may do so upon my sole discretion

      Let me know if these aspects are acceptable

      If so I will ask you to send me to disclose your email so I can send you my email address. Upon confirming and posting of your email I will post a clue as to my email address so you will know it is me replying so we can begin correspondence.

      Looking forward to meeting you both and having a productive trip to Atlanta that I hope your wife will find fulfilling on many levels

    • We just read your post from 7 hrs ago sorry we missed it Margaret also loves oral sex giving and reserving she has also let me do some anal and wants to experience it with a guy that has done it before she is waxed pubic hair pussy and ass smooth as a baby she loves deep kisses and nipple play while being fucked this makes he super horny and the bigger cock for her is a turn on for both of us we do ask no anal to mouth or no anal to pussy maybe one session of teaching her more on anal and she does love to swallow cum

    • I prefer to start with nipple play and deep kissing then move my way down to eat pussy start with gentle licking and kissing and then if all goes well a little tongue fucking.

      As for deep kissing, I’m glad to hear that it’s acceptable as it’s a must for me to get things rolling, but if my wife asks “kissing is off limits”

      As for anal, I have limited experience and my wife does not allow. However l, agreed no anal to mouth or anal to pussy without a shower first. That being said, I would like the opportunity to explore it with Margret as it could be “our little thang”

      Please provide a number or email so I can give you my contact information as we need to trade pics so I can get approval from my wife before we proceed much further

    • Hi this is Margaret I have been so horny reading all these comments I am so ready for this to take place I love my husband Brandon very much and I know that will never change but we do want a child and I feel so bad for him when he can’t perform like he wants to I have been holding back on this idea for two or three years now he has been begging me to take another men for my pleasure as well as his and to bare their child I am open to all the sexual things that have been talked about I have never been with a guy of your penis size we may have to start slow especially with anal I do want you to make love to me but not be in love with me if that makes sense we don’t have to tell your wife everything we do but I do ask if Brandon can sit to the side and enjoy it some with us but Brandon and I also agree you and I need alone time also both of us agree I will stay with you in a room as long as you are here I only want Brandon to watch in the day time or early evening night time will be only you and I we are working on a way to get information to you we do not like posting personal info on here I will let you know what we come up with would love to here more of your ideas for us pictures coming soon this is my first time with another guy beside Brandon in 10 years and only one other guy in high school you will be the biggest I have ever took inside me and only guy number three

    • Sounds great! Glad to hear from you I do believe that we can make mind blowing “love” without being “in love”.

      You will be only my 5th partner. My first partner was my wife. I had sex for the first time about 28 years ago. At that moment my wife said she “wanted to spend the rest of her life with me”.

      We were married in less than a year. Turns out that prior to our meeting she had many lovers, but since that night I have been the only man in her life. When our second was very young I traveled a lot and she became depressed and involved with our next door neighbor. They developed a very special relationship that I was not aware of till about 12 years ago (they became lesbian lovers).

      I always found Andrea attractive and on my 40th birthday they surprised me with a 3way. We have enjoyed each other ever since. It is understood that I am only with Andrea in the presence of my wife.

      Therefore I have no issue with Brandon watching, but I am NOT Bisexual. And I am happy to hear that we will have our own time together as that will allow me to be more comfortable and truly satisfy all your needs and desires. As you must develop trust in me before we will truly be able to “MAKE LOVE”

      The other 2 women are our neighbors Cheryl and Sharon. Frankly I am not sure if my wife had relations with the ladies or not but one evening at a pool party they asked my wife if I would father them a child. One thing led to another and I ended up getting them both pregnant about 4 years ago. It did not take us long to achieve our goal (only one cycle) but those ladies were fucking horny and told me that I was more satisfying than their toys and very talented with my tongue

      Now you know my history.

      I very much am looking forward to your pics so I can be sure my wife approves as she is my true love

      Still interested

    • Ye this is for the guy in Texas we agree to all these terms and yes I am the only one tats had sex with her in the past seven years and we are both clean snd STD free we will be happy to send pictures of her dressed and nude We want this to not just be a breeding session we are also wanting her and yourself to enjoy each other in this process she is into all types of se play that I can not carry out for her as I said we would like to care this on after she becomes pregnant with our child I want to see her happy again as she and I agree we love each other dear and all we are looking for is a guy for her to be impregnated by and have sex with no love connection but feel free to kiss her and use her body for pleasure on of the breed session let us know what next her name is Margaret and I’m Brandon glad to meet you.

    • Just to be sure. You have read my description and that Margret is willing to have sex with a 52 year old man.

      Reading your original post Margret is 28. I’ve been married for 27 years in a mostly monogamous relationship for the past 30 years with the exceptions I mentioned below.

      If Margret is indeed comfortable and willing to have relations with an older man who can rock her world then please respond to this post with an email or phone number so I can send you my email address for the photos.

      Please note in full disclosure I will need to show these photos to my wife to be sure she approves.

      I hope that I will have the opportunity to get to know Margret very well in the not to distant future.

      Also see below my comments related your questions about me. Would love to know what Margaret thinks

    • I’m guessing the guy from North Fulton got the job done?

      Let me know if not. Texas is here waiting to know if I need to move up my trip to Hotlanta

    • Never heard from him So no one else has been with her except for me she is clean and ready for breeding read the below comment also

    • So happy to hear.

    • No he did not we are interested in you for sure and being married is a plus could you describe yourself a little and she wants to know cock size since I’m only 5 inch’s she hoping for a plus in the deal and I’m good with that

    • As I stated below, I’m a white male. 52 years old. I am married with three kids who are doing well and father to our lesbian neighbor’s children as well which I initially left out as I did not want to seem like a weirdo but my wife suggested I disclose.

      I am six foot tall and weigh about 225 pounds. I am balding on top but my wife says that she loves rubbing my bald head as I eat her pussy. (Coincidentally I love to perform oral sex).

      As for my equipment, I do keep my scrotum shaved and my pubic hair up top intact as that is what my wife prefers and you need to “keep momma happy”. With respect to keeping momma happy I’ve been blessed with a cock that is just over 7 inches long when erect and a girth that is about 6 inches or to better visualize my little guy is barely able to fit his head in a toilet paper roll. The rest of him will not fit as the circumference is too large.

      Longevity is a function of a few factors. If I am really hot and horny and my partner is as well I usually pop quickly but usually can continue until I reach a second ejaculation. But with a few drinks I’ve been known to last more than 3 hours. During those events I’ve had to stop before depositing my load due to my wife’s exhaustion due to almost constant orgasms.

      With my length I’m confident we can find a position to your wife’s liking and accomplish cervical and clitorical orgasms.

      I hope that you and your wife are still interested as I am getting pretty fucking hard just thinking about this and can’t wait to see her pictures

      In reply to this post can your wife comment as to if she is still interested and what positions she would like to attempt. And if she would be interested in oral (giving and/or receiving). As well if she would be interested in anal (not necessary but could be quite erotic and enjoyable for us both)

    • Oh one thing my wife said I should be sure to include. That I am a happily married man of 27 years and that my wife is aware of this post and actually urged me to pursue the opportunity.

      She stated that you have a gift that you need to share! You can just look at a woman and she becomes pregnant. And you have a talent for making great babies. She also wanted me to tell you that I have done a similar thing for our lesbian neighbors. They now have two 3 year old boys. Yes two! I was only supposed to impregnate one of the ladies but Cheryl got jealous of the fun Sharon was having and they both conceived.

      I’m sure they would be happy to provide a referral

    • Back during my college days I helped three couples conceive this natural way.

      The funniest situation was with my first couple. Even though I was showing up to impregnate the wife, in the privacy of her bedroom, she was secretly having me wear condoms for the first three months. She happily explained she didn't want to spoil the fun of getting laid by another man, with her husband's permission, by getting pregnant right away.

    • Would you be interested in breeding my wife you can duck her as much as you like and as long as you like

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