You all are going to fuck me, aren't you?

My 29yr old wife is a bit of a flirt. My 3 golfing buddies are frequent guests in our apt - and dear wife likes their attention. She knows she is pretty damn sexy.... they like to call her cute butt when she is around in the evening.
One winter night the boys were over - drinks flowed. My wife was dancing slowly with each of them - and the boldest asked her if she'd seen Deep Throat, the movie.
She said no - and really always wondered what it was about.
So - the conversation got really sexy - she said, yes she likes to put men in her mouth - except for the jerks that like to make her gag for fun. Shoving themselves too deeply in her mouth.
A few more drinks - we start playing cards. She gets bored - "c'mon guys! anything a little more exciting?"
How about strip poker?
"OK!" she laughs - "that'll be exciting - one girl 4 guys! My lucky day!"
She loses...
She is wearing tight white little shorts, off they came. Very cute little bikini panties. She is braless - as usual. she loses another hand....!! "what'll she take off?"
She stands and rolls down her panties! With her lovely auburn muff and cute ass on full display!....with the panty stripes still embedded in her rump!
She thinks her B cup breasts are too small - so it was the panties she chose.
Next off comes her little top.
She is naked and .....shy!
We ask her to dance for us....which she does for quite some time.
Then from the far corner of the room she stops and looks over her shoulder, "one naked girl in a room with 4 guys. You're going to fuck me, aren't you?"
No one says anything - so as not to scare her off - like a nervous deer.
She says, "Yep, I think I'm going to get fucked by all my boy friends tonight!"
She then walked and stood in front of us, hands on hips - muff shining at us from between her long legs, "all of you get naked - I'll pick the order." she said looking straight at me. We'd fantasized about something like this many times. The idea made us both really hot. She loved and trusted these good friends - and also fantasized about what they'd each be like as lovers.
We stripped - and she slowly looked us over. She picked randomly so as not to embarrass anyone (she explained to me later).....she didn't go smallest to biggest.
She did Mark on the couch, riding him.
Barry she did standing up, bent over.
Aaron she did on the carpet. He did us men proud - humping away for a good long time into her, legs up by her head!
Me she did bent over the kitchen table.
In that order.
She came very obviously with each of us......lovingly, and cooing and grunting a cum with each guy's dick in her.
No worries on the pill.
She wiped herself with each guy's shirt after they came in her.
It was far and away the sexiest night of my life - and hers I hope too.
She gave each man a nice long french kiss and sent them on their way out in the snow!
We slept naked....and the next morning she tried to make love with me - but said she would be a little too sore for a day or she jerked and sucked me off.
It changed the relationship with these guys - but they are still best friends - and she still wears her panties around them.
It is pretty much known as a one-off night of lust for this group of friends. It has been 3 years now.
Some won't believe this story.
My sexy wife and I don't really care.....

Apr 25

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    • Oh man - to have a sexy wife like that!
      The girl knows what men want - and what she wants!
      Any more stories about his sexy girl?!~

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