Is She A Shemale?

Is is me or is that blonde loud mouth House of Representative from Northwest Georgia really a Shemale (Transgender woman)? I mean, she does look mannish and maybe she attacks Transgender to hide that she's one?

Just wondering?

Apr 25

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    • Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

    • You must think AOCs smelly box is the shit. Maybe Stacey The Tank Abrams is more your style.

    • I want to watch a tranny fuck my wife

    • MTG is seriously hot. She works on that body and is a tight ball of muscle. She'd fuck your dick off.

    • Oh yeah! I bet she is a wild women in bed or wherever she wants to bang at. Also probably is the most foul mouthed dirty talker too! Can only imagine how nasty she could growl,moan and speak while on all fours!!!

    • She’s something, but she’s smoking hot. Great ass and body. Tight spinner. I’d cum in her so hard.

    • MTG?? I think she is kinda hot honestly, nice tan, decent body.... Dresses nice too.

    • No, it’s you. You’re a transgender woman:

    • You wanna hit it, don’t you. You told me you want a granny. I’ll get you one.

    • You're talking about ol' Cro-Magnon Woman!
      Spooky creature!

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