Had my young wife fucked every lawyer in town?!

Damn, every time I mention a lawyer that I've had business with - turns out they have fucked my wife, at least once or more before we met and married!
Company Xmas party - handsome guy sat down with us. Something went on here....
(Yep - he's the one who ate out her pussy during the super bowl party at his house. I'm thinking,"he knows what her pussy tastes like.")
Went to get a probate finished for my grandpop.
This old guy face-fucked her one day in his office. "My wife never sucks me. Do you think you could help me out here.....you are so sexy!" meanwhile they never even kissed!! - he's unzipping and walking towards where she is sitting - and putting his dick-head against her lips.
In he goes -takes hold of her blonde head and humps her lovely face.
"Did he cum in your mouth?"
"No, he pulled out and came in his underwear."
"Honey - don't fib.....I know you don't like to disappoint guys!"
"OK, yeah I held onto him with my mouth and hands when he started making those "guy's getting ready to cum" noises...and he came in my mouth - not that much - I swallowed it all in two gulps. He was practically crying - he was so happy! I gave his balls a long kiss - but told him this was a 'one-time' gift. No more, OK?"
"How much older was he?"
"Let's just say 'a lot!"
(she loves letting older guys fuck her - "they're so appreciative!")
She has tales of 3 or 4 more lawyers in this fairly small county in Ohio!
It is a bit of a thing....because everywhere we go guys are coming up and saying very warm hellos to her!

Apr 25

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