Wife wanted me to suck cock

I had a wife once that wanted me to suck cock in front of her. She was willing to fuck him as long as she could watch me suck his cock.

This happened a couple of times. She would meet a guy with a big cock and prepare him for the adventure to follow. She let him know that she wanted him to fuck her but she also wanted to see me suck him off.

She would encourage me to keep sucking him when she felt like he was about to cum. She would spread her cunt and rub her pussy in full view of us as she would tell me how sexy it was to watch. She loved it when he came in my mouth! She would lick the cum off my lips and then suck me off afterwards.

She was a crazy jealous bitch and freaky in bed and/but I miss that that taboo sex with her.

Apr 25


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    • When I married my wife I was as straight as they come my wife had been with a lot of guys before me and she loved to get fucked by different guys. I would get so horny watching her sucking a guy's cock this one night she was sucking a guy's cock in front of me and she convinced me to give it a try. At first she was sucking his cock with me and that wasn't that bad then she had her hand on the back of my head pushing me down on him telling me not to stop the next thing I knew he started to cum in my mouth and she held my head down on him so I had to swallow his cum. To my surprise I liked how it tasted and she kissed me and said that she loved me so much. That night I became a cock sucker and there was no turning back that was over 30 years ago and I don't know how many guys I have sucked off since then I never thought a woman would love watching a man sucking off another man but she does.

    • I always suck my wife’s bulls before they fuck her and as soon as they pull out of her yes I’m her bitch

    • I wanted to see my wife with another woman and she agreed if I would suck another guy off. I did, it wasn't horrible but not really my preference at all. I got to watch her with another woman and I loved it and so did she. I have sucked off 3 guys but she has been with almost a dozen other women. Works for us.

    • That was my wife stipulation when I asked her to become a hotwife. I thought that I lucked out when she decided. Found that she meet a guy that worked on her girlfriend's house. I guess that he'd done some repair work at our house and she discovered he had sex with housewives that couldn't afford to pay right away. They had these conversations after he'd completed work and had a coffee and cigarette with her. Which she was wearing a see thru nightie and robe. She said he liked what he say and would like to tap her. Then she did a bit of research and a few women confided that he was hung and great piece.
      So why I thought I was lucky, when he came over he got right to work. They forgot about me real quick, he plowed her and she must have come twice. They lay there making out, and I was wondering if they were done, but she suddenly looked at me and said hey, you need to get him ready, cuz I need to have this again.
      It was funny, liked the taste of her on him, and once he was hard, she said I could leave. She had him the whole night.

    • Pussy flavored dick is the best

    • Once a woman finds a cock that satisfies they can never get enough and will never go back. Trust me I know

    • 🔥 hot

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