Sissy slut

I steal my aunt's lingerie and wear them I'm totally aware of the fact that she might catch me someday but I still do it take photos and spread them can I stop myself it's too addictive at this point I JUST CAN'T STOP!!

Apr 22

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    • Agreed, you are not even remotely close to being a sissy slut. When your asshole ALWAYS feels like a cunt, and your nipples are ALWAYS sensitive, and you accept that your pathetic cock is in fact just a fat swollen clit, and you are constantly on the lookout for any opportunity to suck cock, and servicing men’s sexual needs becomes your priority over family, work, and health, and you readily take masculine cock in both holes, andtake their loads wherever they want and use your hands too as often as possible, and you crave cum splashed on your face til you look like a glazed donut…….THEN you are a Sissy Slut.

    • You are not a sissy slut yet, you are a run of the mill garden variety queer, you need to suck all the dick you can get your mouth on.

    • Your not a sissy slut until your dressed in your aunties lingerie getting face fucked and getting your arse fucked by real men.
      Then repeating it with two more real men.

    • Don't stop enjoy doing it till you get caught you stupid prick

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