Wife & I get hot when we let my buds find her bikini panties

I don't know why - but it makes us both so horny.....
Sometimes I'll lay a pair or two of her lightly worn bikini panties for my male friends to discover, accidentally. They're not filthy - but you can smell that a girl has had them in her crotch recently!
My wife needs little encouragement to come down in the evening when my buds are over - wearing a just-barely long enough top over her tight little bikini panties. She'll sit and play a board game with us - constantly tugging her top down to cover her crotch which has come into view again and again!
She has legs and an ass to die for - and she knows it. (when there's been some drinking going on - she will answer bashfully to "hey, cute ass!")
She does not understand why men find her bikini panties so interesting - but she accepts that it is not just some weird kink of mine. She's seen men sniff panty crotches in movies, etc.
THE sexiest thing she ever did was to lay a tiny silk pair of flowered bikini panties on the back of a kitchen chair one night. I dared her to do it - and to come down when my golfing buddy came to pick me up the next morning. He's sitting there trying not to look at these tiny panties ahnging on the top of the chair in front of him.
Down comes my sexy 32 yr old wife, wearing a fairly sheer lace nighty which barely covers her fur, and does not cover fully the bottom of her butt crack. The thing is split up to her arm pits - wide open bare hips, thigh-tops and some ass cheek...."Oh, THERE they are!" She giggles, walks in and picks them off the chair, "Sorry Mark!" turns her back innocently and slips them on.
She sits and chats with us - while I am trying to get her attention to her left nipple which is slowly working it's way through her lace top!
Mark certainly noticed - she never did.
As we left she got on her tip toes and gave us each one of her 'good-luck-golfing' little morning kisses. I couldn't help it - I gave her ass a nice squeeze - and, later that night, she told me that Mark followed my example - "he slid his hand right into my panties for a grope, the rascal!"

We both enjoy stories of husbands leaving panties around for male friends - or even workman - to accidentally discover! Some think that's pretty tame - makes the two of us horny as hell when it's her panties!!

Apr 21

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    • A lot of couples get off on letting male friends, and even relatives!, "find" her panties!
      You two are not so weird!

    • Can I join your golf group?

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