Cuckold becomes Cocksucker

I talked my wife into swinging. She has the loudest orgasms and when I hear them in my mind , I get excited and often jerk off. We moved to a different state and she decided not to swing anymore. I needed more, and felt overcome to do something sexually taboo as I was driving to a peek shows to watch cuckold videos. I identified with the cuckold husbands being all helpless, shamed feeling controlled by the guys using my wife as a slut and whore. One night as I was driving to the peek show a feeling of helplessness and a desire to be shamed come over me and the thought of getting fucked and sucking cock like my loud orgasmic wife just overwhelmed me with lust, excitement and helplessness. I got on my knees like my wife does and sucked off the first cock using my wife's techniques, on the first cock through the hole. It was a strange taste when he shot his load. I did the next cock five minutes later and than a third. Then I left and returned the next night. I headed straight to the same booth with anticipation and lustful excitement while telling myself I'm now a cock sucking faggot. It was a Friday night, and guys wanted to get sucked off, and I was their cock sucking slave. I guess I'm now bi, and have fantasies of my wife and I becoming obedient cock sucking slaves to some large guy and even passed around. I think most cuckolds would love sucking cocks if they tried it;

Apr 21


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    • Get you wife to move your head back and forth as you suck off a big dick.

    • My wife turned me into a sissy cuckold for her and she had me shaving my whole body smooth from the neck down to my feet and wearing panties and thigh high stockings. She would have me sitting in a chair with my hands tied to the arms of the chair and jacked watch her getting fucked by strange men. One night she came home with two guys and after the first one had fucked her and the other guy was on top of her the first guy walked over to me and told me to get him hard again with my mouth I looked at my wife and she said do what he said. I opened my mouth and he pushed himself into my mouth and I started sucking him the guy was looking at my wife getting fucked by the other guy and he was getting hard in my mouth that was the first time I had a guy's cock in my mouth and after that night it started a new lifestyle for me and my wife. She loved watching me sucking cock and getting ass fucked. I have become a real sissy cuckold for my wife and other men to use.

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