Horny mother in law

I am a horny widow mother in law that wants to wrestle with her son in law. I have always been a tomboy wearing her jeans and wrestling with the boys. I would like to wrestle my son in law a pin him in a grapevine. We would be crotch to crotch and he would tap out.

Apr 20

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    • The 4 of us went on a cruise, my 2nd husband, daughter, and son in-law. We shared a cabin to save money, but the cabin was extremely spacious. One evening after lots of drinking and dancing we went back to the room, I guess everyone was horny and wanted to have sex, I started having sex with my husband, my daughter was having sex with Fernando, my husband passes out and I didn’t finish, I look over at my daughter and Fernando and he says well she’s out. I said well I didn’t finish, and he said I didn’t finish either, I help you, you help me? And sure enough Fernando fucked my brains out. Afterwards we took a shower together, when we dried off, he kicked my hubby out of the bed and pushed me onto the bed where he explored ever inch of my body and made love to me, it was slow and intense. We pasted out for a bit but woke up when the sun hit us. By now the alcohol was wearing off and I went out on the balcony for some fresh air and watch the sunrise.

      Fernando comes up behind me with a hard on and kisses my neck, I’m still standing there naked, I tried to tell him what we did was so wrong, and he turns me to face him, and kisses me, then bends me over as we did it right there. We get dressed and went for breakfast and a walk around the ship holding hands and speaking about what we did. We took a few pictures together, but ultimately decided we would never speak about this again, we back to the room and they were both still snoring, Fernando grabs me and kisses me again, and says make love to me again, as I’m about to take my sundress off, he says you look so beautiful I need a pic, and I don’t know what came over me, but I allowed him to take the pics of me as I undressed. It’s been a year and we’ve never spoken about that time. But I do fantasize about it

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