Horny by daughter's friend & her thong!

Last summer my teenage daughter had two of her friends over to our pool for a swim party and cook-out.
My ex left us 5 yrs ago - so I'm single parenting my one child - with all the normal issues a single dad can run into when raising a girl into and through puberty. The sanitary items, shopping with her for her changing bra and panty styles(!), finding a bikini, party dresses, etc.
I've never not noticed how attractive my youngster is - but I do avoid staring when I happen to glance and see the crotch of her bikini gets a bit out of place between her legs, etc. Frankly - I've changed her diapers too often to perv on her maturing body - nice as it is.
But then her friends show up and the two are scamping about in tiny bikinis, while the third girl drops her robe and turns away from me. 5'6", 115 lbs, long blonde hair and she is wearing a very high-waisted one-piece thong! The damn thing is even flesh colored! I am presented with two of the most magnificent firm young pale globes of female ass I have even seen!
There is giggling, and I see my daughter and her friend smiling at my response to this young vamp in her thong! After the girl thankfully went into the pool - before my growing hard-on became a total embarrassment - my daughter came over and explained that her friend was born and raised in eastern Europe. Suits like her's are commonplace.
I felt like such a perv - having way too much fun enjoying that kid's tight little ass for the next 3 hours.
And, oh my goodness !! - when she sat cross-legged on a towel in front of my lawn chair while we ate - that thong slid so deep into her ass cheeks while forming a perfect camel-toe into her lips down there! even my daughter noticed the girls' crotch-show and was a little embarrassed for me. She tossed me a towel with a smile and took over serving so I didn't have to stand up!
They went back to swimming - as I lay back, closed my eyes and fantasized how nice it would be to set that young thing on the table; snip her stretched little cunt strap, take both her asses in my hands and eat her from her puckered little pink anus to her clit - burying my face between those 'European' thighs, until she sang whatever is her national anthem!
So shamed - that I just wanted to eat her. Not fuck her slim little form - just E A T her....and squeeze those sweet firm ass cheeks!
I masturbated often after that day.
My daughter did ask if I was 'up to it' -- to have her over often for swims. "Can you deal with it, Pops?, because I could take her shopping for a bikini if her thong is too much for you!?"
"No, I'm good honey. She is pretty cute - how old is she, honey?"
She told me. Now I feel like an even bigger perv. But damn that girl has a great ass - !
The one mental image I took in my head when she bent straight over at the waist in front of me - seeing that thong splitting her pussy and very very nearly bringing the very center of her anus into view .....is super jack-off stuff for a guy my age!
Single parenting a teen, with her friends, and a pool is crazy making!
Now she's talking about bringing most of her soccer team over for a pool-party end of season cook-out.
The chaperone mom's will be a problem - they'll be looking for my hard-ons!

Apr 20

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    • Omg I love it when they have sleepovers. Especially where they bring a change of clothes and then that means there are dirty panties to be sniffed. When they’re busy go through their bag and see what underwear they have and smell the dirty pussy and arse off them as you jerk your cock imagining eating out their hot horny holes and then filling them with jizz and breeding them

    • I enjoy teasing my friends fathers, I tend to give them a tease every chance I can get. I did have sex with one though, he was sexy, I started working for the same company he was employed at. We all went out for drinks. One thing lead to another and for 2 years we had sex, even though he was married and I had a bf

    • How old are they

    • Hot teens often come from hot moms. See if they're single and fuck them.

    • Have had a similar situation and jerked off while looking at the security camera feed of my daughters friends. Look and jerkoff, never touch.

    • I'm not quite in the exact same boat as you are, seeing how I'm not a single father myself.
      However, I sure know your struggle, as I've had several similar situations with my stepdaughters.

      As I recently wrote in another comments section, it's hard to keep both thoughts and actions "pure" now that their bodies are developing.
      Yes, I still see them as my sweet little girls, and I always will.
      But I'm also only human, and the overwhelming temptation is damn near impossible to resist!

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