Loved watching my wife make love to friends dick

After a large white wine my 29 yr old wife was feeling sexy, flirty and friendly one evening when our single friend was over. He's had a not-so-secret crush on her for 4 yrs.
She was sittting on the carpet in her boy-short PJ's (no panties) - showing a lot of leg and some cheek when she moved about! Her bottom and crotch had our full attention~! as she moved about in front of us, almost like a little floor-show down there in that skimpy outfit.
Conversation got sexy - we let her take the lead. Girl's rule in these situations - go too fast she's liable to go to bed, and leave us sitting with boners!
At one point she was resting her head on the knee of my bud as he sat on the couch above her. We got the lights down lower - and plied her with one more white wine. She began kinda stroking his calf and thigh with her eyes closed as he touched her hair and we both told her how incredibly sexy she was, "even after 2 kids?"
"Yes, honey - you are very very fuckable!"
"I'm very fuckable!?" she giggled and said "maybe I should be insulted by that.....but I'm too naughty tonight and I think you guys are flirting with with me. Are you two trying to get into my pants?"
Neither one of us knew how to respond to that! Wrong move here and she'll skip away like a sexy deer!
After a long breath - she said, "Yep - I think you are trying to get into my pants!" With that she rolled onto her back with her legs spread slightly - then shyly put her hand over her cunt, "ooops!" she giggled softly.
We probably could have fucked her, both of us - as he lay there sort of offering herself up to us.
Robert, bless him is too good a friend to take advantage of her in this condition. We thought we'd lost her to sleep - but then she sat up and crawled over where robert sat on the couch. She put her head on his knee, eyes closed, and began stroking his calf ....and thigh. Then she said, "tell me again how fuckable I am, please!"
Robert was playing with her hair as she closed her eyes and kept touching him.
As she slid her hand up our friends thigh.... I'm thinking at this point "she is recalling our many conversations about how poor Robert has never experienced a blow job.
She is feeling very loving and the next thing I know (I'm drunk as can be! so some of this is a blurr) she has pulled Robert down on the carpet with her, and she is helping him off with his jeans and boxers. She lay on her side between his legs, made eye contact up with me while she had his growing dick in her hand - we smiled at each other at the 'loving thing' she was about to do with our friend.
The details aren't necessary - with his balls lovingly held in one hand, her other small hand around his dick - she lovingly mouthed an stroked him to an orgasm. At first he was 'face-fucking' her, holding her head and humping her, and she agreed and expected a guy to do this - "they always do!" - but as he neared cumming in her mouth he lifted her face and she stroked him and milked him to a nice warm load of cum onto his lower self. She was smiling like a kid as he erupted from her touches! She played with it and spread it over his balls .....and as she dipped one finger swirled into it for a taste - she smiled at me.
At some point in all of this Robert had gotten her little PJ's down to her knees and was enjoying a big handfull of her sweet creamy bottom as he came!
She tucked Robert in on the couch, gave him a long moist kiss and and led me by the hand our bed. I notice Robert had her PJ bottoms in his hand as I followed her bare bottom up the stairs.
She was .....well, she felt like she needed to try hard to erase my images of her mouthing our friend to a nice cum. I let her work it out as she squired under me --- the finger in her butt always brings her nicely over the i'm sure robert could hear from down on the couch!
This was a 'one'er" and a very true recounting - as best I can remember. (we still fuck happily to memories of her flirty night!)
Robert eventually married a girl ......

Apr 20


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    • My wife admitted she wants all the cock, basically she’d like to have sex with nearly every man she comes across. I admitted to her that I feel much the same about women.

    • Married women who've had children are so comfortable with their bodies and with their lust - and with the lust they inspire in the men around them. Especially with close male friends!

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