Cum Sandwich Coworker

I recently had to bring a cum-sample to my urologist (vasectomy test) so before work I came into the container and took it with me to work. The plan was to use my lunch break to head to the urologist to hand in the probe.

While my very attractive coworker went to a meeting I spontaneously decided to empty my cum container onto her sandwich stored in tupperware. Then i panicked, but I decided to leave it there.

At lunch break I watched her eating her sandwich. She didn´t notice anything. That was so exciting. I will repeat this!!!

Apr 20

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    • I've been putting my cock juice on my bitchy wife's toothbrush and food utensils lately and it's very satisfying! I'll pull back my foreskin and scrub under and around the flared head with her toothbrush, or with her spoon, I'll put it on my cock head and pull up the fore skin and wank a bit. I always set her place at the table to be sure she gets the best of what I have for her!

    • My wife’s side of the family have nothing but stuck up bitches, who believes their shit doesn’t stink because they’re gorgeous. For get togethers they always request that I make rice pudding, so 2 days before the event I jerk off as much as I can into the pudding and mix it around, and I enjoy watching them eat it

    • You should try doing it closer to the actual meal. After two days, all the sperm is already long dead.

    • Very nice. I like coffee mugs, but same thrill.

    • I've served cookies to a friend of mine that I've jizzed all over right before she arrived on several occasions (only the one friend though). I always make sure it's white cookies so that it won't stand out. Not once has she noticed. I thought she might this one time when my cum had sort of eroded holes through large parts of these Chinese prawn crackers, but she just said she loved them. ;)

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