Fake boobs

Anyone get their wife big boob job? Married a long time, and have always wanted the wife to get a set. Just wondering how fun they are, to look at in dresses, to see in the shower, how they feel, how sexy they make her feel, etc. Anyone have helpful feedback?

Apr 17

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    • My wife got teardrop shaped implants while we were dating. Been married almost 16 years now. They do not feel fake and she went from. B to a full C (almost a D now as she’s put on some weight since our kids were born).

      Honestly, she has great fucking tits! And they look so natural you would never know they were fake.

    • I used to fuck a stripper who had a great set of fake tits. My ex wife though, had a fantastic body, built like a fitness model at her peak and was muscular and curvy. When our marriage was nearing the end, she wanted fake tits and I said no. I've known at least 2 other people who have had the same thing-wife requests tits, (but got them), marriage ends. Be careful....it's a sign.

    • My sexy 35 yr old wife has it all - long blonde hair, blue eyes, great tight little ass, long legs, beautiful face - but ...she admitted, as much as she has enjoyed catching men checking out her legs and butt - and trying for crotch shots - she would really like to catch men checking out her teats more than they do.
      She is very nice B-cup tea-cups with great pink nipples!
      So....she bought some flesh colored, expensive!, enhancers to slip into her bras. With her new push-up bras and the 'pads' pushing her breast forward and up into view - the effect is very sexy! Slid C cups - more than a hand could hold - !
      She slowly went up in sizes so as not to be so noticeable at the office (court-house) where she works - but said she has noticed a lot more attention from judges and lawyers at work!
      It is good for her ego - and she fucks and sucks like a little vamp at home - so I'm happy with her new-found attention. (hell, the girl was already a knock-out - getting hit on all the time, everywhere we went - but now she likes what she sees when glancing down at her blouses and sweaters)
      I imagine it will be a phase - like the vibrator she bought.... and then gave to her sister....."Prefer the feel and taste of a nice warm stiff penis!" she said.

    • Personally I hate fake boobs. But you should be aware there are significant health risks that accompany boob jobs including the surgery itself as well as long term physical and psychological risks. Do a little research, you’ll see. The mortality rate for women who had boob jobs (implants or cosmetic surgery) is significantly higher over a 20 year period than for women who didn’t have any work. I would never want someone I love to do it. Too risky.

    • Feel like tennis balls - avoid

    • Be prepared! They will make guys want to fuck her even more!

    • Yes because they will assume you are nothing but a cock-worshipping slut of a whore. Which if you got a boob job is very likely true.

    • That’s not all that bad, knowing your chick is the shit

    • Fake tits suck. Look so obviously fake what’s sexy about that?

    • I have a buddy that has what I call a fixer upper. His wife is about 15 years younger than him. When they got together she was just kinda plain and very shy. She did have a nice ass and hips, but that was about it.
      He had veneers installed to correct her teeth, she now wears contacts that change her eye color to this sexy blue color, she gets injections in her lips, she has long extensions in her hair that is always styled, but when she got the boob job it pushed her over the edge! No doubt she is now one of the hottest women I know, but with her new appearance she has also turned into quite a slut!
      Her tits are perfect for her body. She tries to show them to everyone and always encourages you to touch and feel the texture and firmness! My Buddy doesn’t seem to mind any of this!
      After she approached me a couple times away from her husband I told him what was going on and he said I should take her up on her offer and that she was a great fuck! I have now fucked her 5 times in the last 6 months and can’t stop going back to her. There is nothing she won’t try sexually!
      I guess all I am trying to say is be careful what you wish for!

    • Depends who does them. Silicone ones can be hard as concrete. My wifes are hard but i dated someone a while back and hers were soft. The more $ they cost the better they will be

    • Yeah, don’t get them at Walmart. Saks is the place to go.

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