I (Trans man) have been having amazing sex with a much older male

I'm a 22 year old trans man, 6 years on T and preop. I've been seeing a 58 year old cis man for about two months now, and we are having amazing sex, I mean, I see stars when he makes me cum!

I love his mature cock penetrating my young pussy. He is super eager and enthusiastic, we have sex for hours. My pussy is tight enough that after he cums and gets soft inside me, he can keep fucking me and have a couple flaccid orgasms! He praises me, affirms me, and dumps all his cum inside me. He's incredibly sexy, and breeds me with ease.
When his cock gets tired, he fingers the fuck out of me and rubs or sucks my little dick until I cum hard.
I spend ample amounts of time sucking on his cock too, soft or hard, I love his dick in my mouth. Especially after he's just bred me, I adore sucking my sticky pussy juice and his seed off his silky soft dick. He moans and groans, calls me baby, good boy, and my pussy gets soaking wet while I suck him. Then usually my sucking gets him hard again and he can't resist slipping back into my pussy!
I got on my knees for him this morning in his kitchen before I had to leave, and gulped on his cock like a baby goat to a bottle. He teased that I was trying to make him fall for me, being such a good cocksucker. He jerked his dick and bounced his balls on my tongue, I took one in my mouth and sucked.
We had already fucked that morning a few times, and I was late for work so he sent me on my way with an aching wet pussy. He fucks this pussy into submission until I'm wailing. He's had a vasectomy, but oh boy, I'd be letting him knock me the fuck up every night if he didn't.

Apr 17

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    • You’re a mentally sick freak. GFY

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