How many cocks did your wife have before you

Do you know how many cocks your wife hsd before you?
Has she told you?
Does it turn you on knowing?

Apr 17

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    • So my husband asked when we were dating I told him 7 later on after married he got me talking and I had admitted to him it was a few more in the teens, then a few years back was out of it after a night of partying and let it slip it was more (43) he tried to get me to tell the truth when sober but I can see it turns him on that it was that high but truth be told 43 still may be a little lower than the actual number, I had a wild time in my late teens then after my divorce I added to it in the year and a half before remarried

    • My wife never had sex with anyone before me. She admitted that to keep her boyfriends happy, she would jerk them off. She said most guys were about the same but one guy was huge and shot a ton of cum everywhere!

    • When we were dating she said 4, but now that we have been married for 26 years she is a bit more open to the truth and told me 12.

      We met when we were 23 and got married at the age of 24. I was a virgin when we met and when I learned she had prior lovers it really bothered me.

      Today I find it a turn on. Especially when she tells me how much she loves my cock.

    • When I met, dated, proposed and married my 19-year-old wife, admitted to only one man had been all the way before me. She was nineteen. She said it was a long time ago and only happened twice. She admitted she did like to give head and was eager to give me and past dates head.

      After we had been married a while and started swinging and such, I came to learn she gave a LOT of men and boys head. Before we got married, she happily gave head to her male friends, male coworkers and married men.

      Much later than this, I learned that during our courtship she had been two-timing me and her first lover. He didn't know I existed or that she was cheating on him with me until after we were already married. Her parents didn't like me and helped her to hide this from us. So, she was still sleeping with him even after we were married. She didn't give him up until I unwittingly moved us away.

      Because we got into the swinging scene after getting married, she has experienced a LOT more dick after we were married than before we met.

    • I was my wife's 64 lover. She was 20 when I met her.

    • Fake

    • Hey asshole with your fake comment. Shut the fuck up or don't read these

    • Not many. Maybe about 3 or 4⁰. My wife is hugely fat and always has been so that kinda turns most guys off. But not me!! I love the fact that she is huge, like 5'-4" and over 500lbs. It keeps the other dogs from sniffing around and getting into places they shouldn't be and I always know where to find her. All I need to do is feed her, fuck her and tell her that's she's pretty and she stays as loyal as a golden retriever....😄. If you have never had a fat girlfriend or obese wife then you don't know what you are missing.

    • She counted "36 full-on sex and as many more guys got to finger me, blow jobs from me and hand jobs from me!" for me one night when talking sexy in bed.
      I know she's not making it up.
      I demanded honesty - she said "OK, but only if you think you can handle it, because I've fucked a lot of men!"
      Does it turn me on?
      Hell yes ! Turns me on like crazy!
      I frequently masturbate to her stories with those guys.
      She was sexually active from age 20 to 34 when we met.
      Sitting here with a boner right now - just remembering.....!

    • Mine was the opposite of yours. She was the one who loved hearing about my lovers in detail. The more i told her,the hornier she got lol

    • My wife is the opposite of yours, yet simultaneously the same. She gets jealous when I go into certain details (like how good they were at various things, how good it felt, etc), but she also has a major degradation kink, so the humiliation really turns her on.

    • Before? Unknown. After? > 250. And I fucking love it! Strange anonymous men pounding her hairy cunt in front of me is heaven.

    • Fake

    • So nice to picture her hairy cunt. Is her asshole hairy too?

    • Superbly so! Often the guys at the gangbang will tilt her ass to expose it.

    • If I'm right two before me and I suspect maybe about 4 to 5 more thru the years

    • Yes, I know. It was two. She told me about them but I knew since both of them bragged about how good a fuck she was. It turned me on back then and it actually made me want her more for my girlfriend and then wife. Yes, it turns me on knowing that she was sexually experienced and had been fucked over 200 times before I fucked her for the first time when I lost my virginity to her.

    • 2 or 200??? Lol

    • I take it he means fucked over 200 times by the same two cocks

    • How many has yours taken??? Lol

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