Powerful Urge to Show my Butt in Public (Male)

I have to confess this somewhere, or I'll explode. Whenever I'm in public or go to university, I find a spot where no one is around (whether it's inside or outside), pull my pants and underwear all the way to the ground, and I bend over and shake my big naked ass. Sometimes I take them completely off to spread my legs more so my ass is completely spread open, exposing my asshole to the wind. Sometimes I'll get on all fours and put my naked ass in the air, along with my, ahem, other "parts" (I love the breeze they get). Other times when I'm inside, I'll press my ass against the window and slowly rub it up and down.

Somehow, no one sees me (or so I think), but it's almost like I want someone to, only I'll get in trouble. I feel like I have something to sort out. I don't know why I do this, but I can't help it. I guess I want someone to like my ass. I want to take off my pants and shake my ass in front of someone. I want someone to like my ass. Maybe I'm just horny as hell.

Out of curiosity, does anyone else do anything like this? Does anyone know where I can find people who also do this? Like some secret group of ass flashers or something?

Apr 14


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    • Anybody wanna show me their ass?

    • You obviously need to get fucked by a big hard cock

    • Maybe that's it?

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