Balls deep

In many porn films that I have watched, guys with large cocks, maybe 9 or 10 inches long only appear to get about half of their cock into the woman's pussy. While I am not that long, only 7 inches, I have always entered all five of my girlfriends' cunts balls deep.
All of my girlfriends had several men fuck them before me. Do they all have cunts that were stretched out by larger cocks than mine or did they just naturally have big cunts? Two of them told me that I had the largest cock that they ever fucked. Should I believe them?

Apr 14

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    • I am a 51 year old man and 7 inch’s I have a beautiful 43 year old hot wife that I have never had any trouble going balls deep in her pussy or asshole because she fucks a lot of big dick black guys snd I love it

    • Hmmmm. No. All women seek out size. No matter what they say size does Matt

    • They always tell you are the biggest lol
      Do you really want to know??

    • My wife always said that I was the biggest cock she has ever had and I knew that wasn't true because I am only 6 1/2 inches. Now we have what you can call an open relationship where she could fuck other men and I was okay with that. But when ever I asked her if the guy had a bigger cock than me she always said no just average size and that she didn't want a guy with a really big cock because it would hurt her to much. Then one night she came home drunk with a black guy that she wanted to have a threesom with me and him. Well when he got undressed and I seen his cock it was a good 3 inches longer than my dick and she got on top of him and started to ride his cock she was able to take all of his cock balls deep into her pussy without any problem like she's been getting fucked by a big cock all along and I knew that she wasn't telling me the truth. Afterwards when I said something to her about it she said that she didn't want to hurt my feelings and make me feel less than a man and that she really liked the size of my dick so it really didn't matter. In the long run it's just sex enjoy yourself.

    • Don't believe her I remember when I met my wife I used to hit her cervix. Wow years went by and wouldn't feel it found out she was cheating and that shit got out of my cock reach. I been told by my wife my dicks been the biggest I know it ain't 6-1/2 ,.

    • Yes you should. A deep cunt is a myth. Average cock meet average cunt.

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