My Fantasy Of Watching My Wife Suck a Cock

Brett sits on our Futon in our den. My wife Robyn sits to his right. I’m sitting at the other end of the Futon.

I watch while Robyn reaches over with her right hand and massages the crotch of this guy’s shorts.

“My wife, Robyn, wants to suck your cock,” I tell Brett.

“Suck away, Robyn,” said Brett.

Robyn continues to massage Brett’s shorts. “He’s getting hard!”

Robyn gets off the Futon and kneels in front of this guy. She reaches up and removed his short and boxers. Brett’s seven-inch cock is rock hard.

“Sweet cock,” Robyn said then leaned in and licked Brett’s shaved tight ball sack.

After licking his balls, Robyn ran the tip of her tongue up and down Brett’s hard shaft. After doing that, she licks and kisses the head of his cock. She opens her mouth and sucks on the head of his cock.

I watched while Robyn’s head bobbed up and down on Brett’s cock. “That’s it baby, suck his cock,” I cheer her on.

Robyn’s head bobbed up and down on Brett’s hard cock for another minute.

“I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” Brett called out.

Robyn closed her mouth around the head of Brett’s cock. She used her right hand and stroked his hard shaft.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Brett moaned.

Robyn kept stroking his cock.

“AHHHH!” Brett loudly grunted, and arched his back.

Robyn kept stroking, and by her facial expression, I knew Brett’s cock was spurting cum into my wife’s mouth.

Brett looked relaxed. Robyn removed her mouth from his cock.

“Show me your prize,” I told Robyn.

Robyn opened her mouth. I could see Brett’s load of cum on her tongue. Robyn closed her mouth and swallowed.

She got up, walked over to me. She leaned down and kissed me. My tongue probed inside her mouth tasting residual cum.

Yes, I would love to watch my wife suck another guy’s cock!

Apr 15

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    • I don't know why but that's one thing my wife enjoys doing she always has. And she's not ashamed to suck a guy's cock in front of me. I have to admit she's dam good at sucking cock and she always swallows

    • My wife sucks off our single friend every time he comes over

    • Do you enjoy it?

    • Very similar to how my wife and I get it started, sometimes we go for a ride in the car while my wife plays with his dick, sometimes we park and play around with each other, then we go back home and I will watch my wife suck and fuck, I get her when they have finished, sloppy seconds.

    • 👄👄👄👄

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