Lily Part 4

Lily couldn't sleep. Earlier that night, her step-father Garry had walked in on her masturbating. Naked, spread wide-open, right at the end of a sheet-drenching orgasm. As if that wasn't enough, the site of her in this position apparently gave him an instantaneous erection. She was mortified, and couldn't stop reliving that moment, but there was more. Thinking about Garry's watching her, and getting aroused, was making her horny. Lily's hand kept creeping down to her panties, feeling the warmth between her legs as her pussy began to dampen. She felt ashamed as she wondered what Garry looked like naked, especially his penis. Lily couldnt stop thinking about the size of the bulge in his pants.
It was around 1 am, when Lily was usually asleep. She needed to pee, so she opened her door and walked into the hallway. Lily felt a little chilly, wearing a XXL t-shirt over light blue panties.
Lily pulled her panties down to her ankles, sat on the toilet and spread her legs a little, and closed her eyes as she relaxed, feeling the warm stream flow from her, and sighed.
When Lily was finished, she blotted her damp pussy and pulled up her panties. Before she flushed, she stopped. She heard a sound coming from her mom's room, something between a yelp and a moan, then soft giggling.
Lily crept into the hallway. Her mom's door was halfway open, and faint blue light spilled out. Slowly and quietly she walked to the door and peeked through the opening. She was not ready for what she saw.
Lily's mother was in her knees, naked, next to the bed. Garry was sitting on the edge of the bed, also naked, his back to Lily. She had a complete view of her mom's face, but all she saw was Garry's penis jutting from his crotch, her mom's lips sliding up and down, her right hand massaging his shaft and balls. Her left hand was between her spread legs, and Lily saw her furiously rubbing her clit.
Her mom slowly slid Garry's cock out of her mouth, pickering her lips to kiss the tip, then licked the bottom of the head. She pulled her pussy-juice covered fingers and put them in Garry's mouth. He made a groaning noise, like he just tasted something delicious.
Almost as if under outside control, Lily had placed her hand into her underwear, then parted her lips. She felt wet warmth, and realized she was getting turned on by watching them. A tiny distant voice said "No! This is wrong!", but she was completely transfixed. Her mom said something…"I bet she can suck dick as good as her mom…" That can't be right. Lily figured she misunderstood, and ignored it, She was more concerned with her wet fingers sliding up her shirt, circling her little pink nipples and feeling them becoming erect.
Lily slowly rubbed her clit, feeling it swell with arousal. Her mother stood up, then lay back on the bed. She spread her legs, and started to caress her pussy, so wet that Lily could see it glistening. She had seen her mother'a pussy before. She had not, however, gotten a good view of Garry's penis
His cock was rock hard, pointing up at a 45 degree angle. Thick veins circled his shaft. It wasn't super long, maybe 6.5 inches, but the widtth… "Oh my God" Lily thought, "It's like a Coke can!" Garry laid beside her mom. He stroked his penis slowly, watching her mother as she pleasured herself.
"Look at you", she said. "Watching ladies masturbate makes your big cock hard, doesn't it?" "Oh yeah baby…you look so sexy playing with yourself."
"I bet you loved seeing her rubbing that little pink virgin pussy.. "
"Wait .. what???" Lily thought
"Yeah, I did. I got hard as a rock."
"Did she look as hot as I do?"
"She reminds me of you", stroking his cock a little faster.
"Does she come like I do?"
"She came her brains out baby. She squirted everywhere, her legs were dripping wet and she soaked her sheets."
Lily almost stopped rubbing herself when she realized what was going on. Garry had told her mother about catching her masturbating, and they were fantasizing about it while they had sex! She felt embarrassed, a little angry, but at the same time it was like a little jolt shot out from deep inside and into her pussy. Lily felt her underwear getting wet.
"I bet you got so hard…You wanted to drop your pants and slide that cock inside that sloppy pussy didn't you?"
"Yeah, I bet you'd like to watch me so that…"
"Mmm hmmm, seeing your big thick cock being the first one inside her pussy, …imagine what that tight virgin pussy would feel when your big hard dick slid inside and started stretching it open, and….oh my God!" Her mom rubbed faster, and threw her head back as she came, She used her free hand to cover her mouth, since she thought Lily was asleep. Garry was so hard, his dick looked like it was about to pop.
Lilly almost gasped, but covered her mouth just in time. She could smell the sweet musk of her pussy on her hand.
Garry rolled over on his stomach between her mom's legs. The back of his head blocked Lily's view as he started licking her mom's wet pussy. She opened her legs wider, and held his head with both hands. After a couple minutes, she raised her knees, threw back her head, her mouth wide open in a silent scream as she came again.
Garry stood on the bed. He grabbed her knees and spread them, then grasped his throbbing cock. Lily watched intently as he rubbed the head of his cock on her mom's slippery cunt, teasing her until she heard her growl "Fuck me NOW!"
Garry grabbed both legs, pushing her knees towards her head. Her mom grabbed her ankles and pulled them towards her head, spreading her pussy as wide as she could. Her mom gasped as Garry rammed his dick inside her, as deep as he could until the whole shaft was inside. He fucked her slowly, but hard, a gutteral moan coming from her mouth each time he slammed into her.
Gradually Garry increased the pace, her mom making little whimpers with each thrust. Lilly watched her mom's tits bouncing. She was behind Garry so that she had a clear view of his penis sliding in and out of her mom, his balls tight against the base.
Garry licked his finger and stroked her mom's clit as he started to jackhammer her pussy. She came almost immediately.
Garry flipped her mom, panting and sweaty, over into her hands and knees. He got on his knees behind her and resumed pounding her gushing, throbbing pussy.
Lilly watched her mom's tits as they swung back and forth. Garry grabbed her hands, holding them behind her back, and fucked her harder. Her mom's ass cheeks wiggled as they collided with his hips. Lily felt her pussy swell, juices drooling as she felt it building. She had to control herself, go back to bed.
But then, she saw the way Garry was pounding his throbbing cock into her mom, he was speeding up, faster and harder."Fuck I'm gonna cum…", and as she heard that she watched her mom's face being jammed into the mattress with each thrust, her eyes closed and mouth open, and she saw Garry as he started to climax…
Lily came suddenly, so hard and fast that she let out a yelp. Garry had pulled out to ejaculate the remainder of his load on her mom's ass. Her mom was about to cum again. They both stopped, and looked over to the open door as Lily came. IShe made involuntary whimpering noises, almost like crying sounds, as her orgasm took control and she rubbed her convulsing vagina until she was finished. There was no point leaving now.
Her mom rolled over on her side, one knee up, one down, cum dripping from her spread pussy. Garry looked surprised, but watched intently as he slowly rubbed his cock. His erection was subsiding as the last drop of semen dripped from the tip.
"Looks like somebody couldn't sleep after he little incident earlier", her mom said. Lily felt ashamed and embarrassed. Garry and her mother watched her as she removed .her dripping wet hand from her panties.
Her mom smiled. "We'll talk tomorrow honey."

Apr 15

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