I'm a Neo-Nazi but want to fuck a Nigger

So basically all my life I've been a part of a group who are a Neo-Nazi organization. Not really by choice or anything, more or less adopted into it by certain members. I love them all like family though.
I've tried my hardest to fit in, which is hard because I'm one of the only female members, yet I can't deny i find black men attractive and i hate it and it fills me with such guilt and self-loathing.
It's really gotten bad since i met a guy through my work who is black and he's so handsome and nice to me even though he's seen my tattoos and knows who i roll with etc.
I just want to surrender to my lust for him but i know that's suicide. It makes me so miserable. Maybe I can sleep with him in secret but its so scary...and exhilarating too. He doesn't even hate when i causally say Nigger in his presence (it comes naturally) plus he actually agrees with a lot of the stuff i believe in (right wing things naturally) so it hurts even more i cant be with him naturally.
I hate I'm such a hypocrite in life and wish i could escape with him, yet i don't want to lose my 'family' or bring shame to one of them in particular who i view as a sort of father figure.
My life is all messed up and it fills me with such frustrated rage. Wish i could have been born into a life without this taboo like how most women don't need to worry about it. Whenever i see an interracial couple it reminds me what i can't have and i feel such jealous anger i want to hurt them.
I want to fuck this nigger so badly it hurts. I think i love him. I'm such a coward.

Apr 11

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    • I hope you finally get your wish and when you unleash his cock it’s about 14 inches and thick and he rips your asshole open with it while you scream in pain but he doesn’t stop.

    • Is that the trauma you received?

    • I firmly believe there's a huge difference between decent black people and sorry ass niggers, and unfortunately in my line of work, I have to deal with sorry ass niggers on a daily basis...which has made me far more racist than I'd like to admit...but some of the best sex I ever had was with a pregnant black chick!

    • Lucky it wasn’t you who knocked that hoe up! I hope you didn’t get a dose from her maggot infested cunt or did you use her back channel and then get her to clean your cock with her thick lips?

    • Lead him on and when you get home alone tie him up and torture him. Finger your self and let him smell your fingers so he gets hard. Then use a soldering iron on his stiff cock,maybe a stun gun on his balls. Push a gun cleaning brush up his pisshole.Stuck a baseball bat up his coon ass with Tabasco sauce on it.

    • Be open with your ‘family’ and lure that nigger into your lair. Let him pound your tight white cunt. Throat his tool. Slobber over his balls. And just at the moment of his climax, let your brothers apply a baseball bat to his thick skull. Win win.

    • You sick fuck. No wonder America is such a fucked country. I assume you would be one of the retards who voted for Trump. The rest of the world is laughing at you. Assuming you fuck your mother an sister as well.

    • Are you Hunter Biden’s boy pussy when he’s visiting down under?

    • Didn’t I see you felching nigger cum out of your daddy’s ass at Folsom Gulch last week? The Democratic Party was born out of the KKK you fucking imbecile but I guess you didn’t learn much history on the bayou.

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