I want to watch my wife get fucked by a big cocked man. My wife knows this but what she doesn’t know is that I want to suck her lovers cock before and after he’s fucked her and that I want her to straddle my face so I can lick her pussy clean.
She’s done it after I’ve fucked her, a bit of a struggle to begin with but I find it bloody sexy now.
It’ll probably never happen.

Apr 12

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    • Nothing like it. I have done it with both 3 guys ( i am a man) and 2 girls. So hot!!

    • Lucky you. I’d try it with a bloke or two. Done it with a mate and I really liked it, very different.

    • I meant 2 guys lol

    • Always been my fantasy!

    • I watch a guy fucking my wife so hard, he gave her 2 orgasms. He hadn’t cum yet and was just hammering her pussy. He knew I was watching, when his cock came out of her pussy. I grabbed it and was going to put it back in, but feeling it so hard and wet in my hand made me think the same thing. He looked at me like he wanted me to wrap my lips around it but I guided it back, rubbing my wife’s wet pussy until he buried it again inside her. That was so hot!

    • I would have given it a quick suck but I wasn’t there. Did you suck him after he’d come and lick your wife?

    • Probably won’t happen but you could try going down on her immediately after c…ing inside her and tasting your own.

      My wife was surprised when I did that to her the first time. Now she pushes my head down there as soon as we both org…

    • I’ve done that. I struggled a bit at first but like it now.

    • How about a little cooked man? I'll fuck yall!

    • Cocked...

    • Nothing wrong with a small cock, matey.

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