Once again I want to suck black cocks ,and I'm a straight white

I just can't shake it I jack off more now thinking of sucking giant black cocks than I do women,just want that big cock to fill my mouth with cum,I already know how good I would be at it because the desire is so strong I want to lick their big balls and taste that beautiful cock in my mouth I get so hard thinking about being forced to suck a group of them don't get me wrong I'm not racist or any thing like that,I ve always been turned on by black cocks in porn movies and would have loved to share all my wives with them ,the thought of getting my face dick slapped while being filmed makes me want to cum

Apr 9

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    • Caution: Be careful what you ask for. One night when I had a bit to much to drink, I told my neighbor my fantasy of being forced by several guys to suck their cocks. He laughed and said he could make that happen and I said I wish. I never expected him to take it seriously. Time passed and I forgot all about that night. Several months later I came home and my wife said George had called to invite me to join a card game because they were one short. I called him back and agreed to be there on Friday. Turns out there was no card game. George had invited several of his friends and his brother to a face fucking party…. and I was the face they were going to fuck. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by naked George and lead into a room of naked men. I was forced to my knees, had a cock in each hand and one in my mouth before I could protest. The rest of the night I was used and abused. At one point two guys spread my legs while another shoved his cock in my ass. Lots of pictures were taken. Now I am their sex slave on demand. If I don’t do as they say, they will show the pictures to my wife and family. Be Careful!

    • Well I have a question also at any time while you were sucking and jacking their cocks,did your cock get hard?

    • Thanks but I cannot be blackmailed like that I'm single divorced 3times no anal no kissing just sucking,sounds like you didn't want to that's rape let em know that

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