Is Cock aDICKtive

Really simple question.
Those of you who have craved cock for a while and then finally fulfilled your desire to stroke, lick and suck, did you want it even more afterwards, the next day, next week and now can’t live without getting your fix of sexy hard throbbing cock.

Apr 8


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    • I've always been a horny pervert since I was young, I'd bang my wife several times a week, but I wanted more especially when that taboo feeling of helplessness and desire to be used and abused aroused and excited me. I was so horny I went to a peek show and got down on me knees and sucked off 3 cocks. By the third cock, I felt very horny and very excited and told myself I'm a cock sucker now, so enjoy it. I used the techniques on those dicks my wife uses on me. Swirling my tongue around his cock, I felt like a whore being used, it was so exciting. It was very dark in the booth, even while keeping the video going and his cock was at least 8 inches and rock hard. I guess my technique was working as he let go a huge load of cum and like a good cock sucker, I swallow most of his load and licked the rest of his cock. I became addicted and been on my knees since then more times than I could count.

    • I can only imagine how that first, second and then Third cock must have felt like and the realisation that this was now part of your identity

    • No… not in all situations. I’ve had some good cock that I would suck anytime and where. But I’ve also had cock that I could not wait until it was as over. Just because I am on my knees sucking a cock, it doesn’t give the guy permission to hit me or try to chock me by grabbing my head and grinding me. I want to enjoy and take my time. It’s supposed to be an intimate moment for both to enjoy… not a fantasy the guy has seen on a porno movie.

    • Depends what mood I’m in. I’m happy to be slapped, choked, throat fucked at certain times and want the boyfriend worship at others. Sometimes I like a clean cut cock, other times I’ll suck a homeless guy for fun.

    • I so get that. I’m a guy but I firmly believe that the one sucking should be in complete control over what they are doing. I find when guys fuck a mouth a choke is a complete turn off whereas when it is done slowly and he or she is in complete control it’s fucking hot

    • Like the comment below. Cock sucking is addictive. My first sexual experiences were homosexual because of circumstance but then I went heterosexual for years. It was while having a threesome with a friend and his wife that I rediscovered my homosexuality. The second I felt his hard cock and lovely soft balls it was like coming home and as for sucking that beautiful cock, I nearly fainted.
      I suppose it never left me and I’d love my wife to accept my bisexuality but she says it sickens her so I have to do it behind her back. Yes, I HAVE to do it.

    • I will never cheat but I do understand the HAVE to do it. For me it is a need more than a want.

    • My wife was the one who got me started sucking cock and after the first time I did it I was hooked. Never in my life did I think that I would enjoy sucking cock let alone getting my ass fucked but once you start it very addictive and you always want more.

    • Yes it is and I'd fuck my wife after returning from the peek show where I sucked off two or three dicks that come through the hole. Sometimes if the guy left the door partially open in his booth, I would enter and rub my ass against his crouch and usually I was told in a wisper to drop my draws. Although I don't act effeminate at all, when I told to drop my draws, I become like a bitch in heat as I bend over and he pulls me to his crouch and sticks his dick in and I become a slut, giving him a nice ride. I jerk off as he is shooting his load in me. I love fucking my wife, and love sucking cock and getting laid.

    • Tell me more about how she got you started sucking cock. So many of us want to know how a wife/gf goes about that and the. Maybe how we can reverse engineer it so our wives get us to suck cock

    • Well to be honest my wife and I have an open marriage she has a very high sex drive and I aloud her to fuck other guys and we were having a threesom with a guy she met at a club. We were all on the bed and she was sucking his cock and I will laying on the other side of him just watching her taking him into her mouth this was the first time I got a close up look of her with a guy's cock in her mouth and she stopped sucking and pointed his cock towards my face and said try sucking it you may like it. She looked up at the guy and said you don't mind do you he laughed and said go for it she grabbed my head and pulled me towards his cock and said please do it for me so I did it really wasn't that bad and I kept sucking him and she was kissing him and making out with him and the next thing I knew he started cumming in my mouth and she held my head down on him telling me to swallow his cum. I was hooked after that.

    • What a great introduction intro into cock sucking. That sounds like a fantasy to me but so glad you got to experience that. How many have you sucked since?

    • I usually have strong poppers handy, take a big huff, and take all of the meat down my throat in a single stroke. Pulling my lips back up the shaft while stroking the underside with my tongue. Gets things off to a great start - I also like placing his hands on my head so that he can throat fuck as he desires.

    • Yes - I’m married (to a woman) but crave a juicy cock down my throat or up my mancunt every single day. You are what you are.

    • Do you get your fair share of delicious hard cock and does your wife help you.

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