I Heard My Little Sister Having Sex

Just to get this out of the way, this is 100% true, swear on my life and the lives of my family.

Some time ago, about 3 years i guess, I was home sick. I had decided to go down stairs and watch tv in our basement. I guess my sister, we'll call her Chrissy, didn't know I was home. About 30 min after I'd gone to the basement, I heard her exit her room and go into the living room. I then heard a vehicle come up our drive way, and maybe 2 min later, the door alarm went off, meaning the door had been opened.

Chrissy was in her last year of highschool at the time, freshly 18, but hadn't gotten her license yet. So her bf, we'll call him Micky, always picked her up. Usually, no one was there to see her off but this time I was and a few minutes later when I figured she might be ready to leave, I started towards the stairs. The distance between the couch in the basement and the stairs is about 20 feet, and the walls and floor are pretty thick, so I didn't hear the sounds at first.

As I neared the stairs though, I started hearing what I can only describe as pleasured moans. Now, I've heard my sister talk, yell, scream, whisper and laugh, but I would never have guessed the moans belonged to her. But they did, and let me tell you hearing your sister brought to orgasm is like taking a hit of an addictive drug for the first time: you never knew you needed it, and now you want more of it.

The moans became screams and eventually a sound like a water hose with a thumb over the opening could be heard. I heard what I safely assumed was Micky slurping and smacking his lips as Chrissy audibly thrashed on the couch while gasping for air. I could hear squelching sounds as Micky fingered and rubbed Chrissy's pussy, making her breathing become louder and more ragged.

As I said before, this story is true, and I've burned much of it into my memory. As such, I'll do my best to write down exactly what I heard them say as accurately as possible.

Micky: "Did you like that, baby?"

Chrissy: "Yes, daddy, I fuckin' loved it!"

She was still a little out of breath, who wouldn't be.

Micky: "Turn over, baby."

I could hear her move around on the couch as she did what Micky told her. Now, I don't know exactly what Micky was packing, but I did once read her texts to a friend where she claimed to have measured him, and he weighs in at 9", so the man is a monster, and he's about to pound my baby sister with a dick better suited to a monster cock fetish porn site than a late highschool fling.

Chrissy: "Ok, I'm ready, baby"

I swear to god, under the sudden intake of air Chrissy took, you could practically hear her folds spread wider to make room for him. Except it wasn't her folds he was spreading, his target was apparently bit higher.

Chrissy: "Fuck my ass, daddy, pleeease! Go deep, please, daddyyy!"

She was taking it deep and fast, the wet slapping sounds more than getting my blood pumping. I was half mast before, now I was completely erect, harder than I'd ever been watching porn. I was ashamed then, but now I can unashamedly tell you that I had the single greatest wank session in my life.

Chrissy: "Fuuuck, daddy, fuuuck!"

Another gush as she came for a second time. They sat there for a moment, silent. A minute or 2 later there was a creaking sound as Chrissy wiggled back and forth on the couch.

Micky: "If you want me to finger you, you could just ask, y'know."

Chrissy: "Nuh-uh!"

He then fingered her for maybe 30 sec. She got pretty verbal, I'll try and write down what I recall.

Chrissy: "Oh fuck, oh god! Yes, yes ,yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyes! Don't stop, please, don't stop! Pleeeeeeeese!"

ANOTHER orgasm, fucksakes. She's alive and well now, but at the time I was convinced she was gonna die from dehydration or something, she just kept squirting! She gasped for a little bit. Then she got cheeky.

Chrissy: "Didn't feel anything."

Micky: "Oh, really? Then what was all that *repeats everything she said back to her*"

Chrissy: "Shut up! Let's do more! Stick it in again. You like my ass right? You keep looking at it."

Micky: "No I don't. You just put it out there too much."

Chrissy: "No, you stare at my ass because you like putting it in my ass."

Micky: "You're the one who likes getting it in the ass."

Chrissy: "There you go, you're getting it!"

Micky gives her ass a smack and audibly lifts her a little at the waist.

Micky: "Spread 'em!"

Chrissy: "Kay!"

They proceeded to fuck AGAIN, with Chrissy squirting AGAIN, this time the both of them screaming as they came. Chrissy finished getting ready for school and they were both gone 20 min later, and I was forever cursed with the memory of the events, and now you are, too!

Oh, and the real kicker? For weeks we thought the family dog had been peeing on the couch for no reason. Turns out it was another bitch entirely, and she was most definitely in heat! I hope you enjoyed hearing this fucked up story and I'm so sorry I went on for so long.

Apr 6

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    • I heard my friends teen daughter get her mouth fucked ..it turned my on so much I came on her final gag sound because I knew dude had just cum in her beautiful mouth sorry

    • That sounds hot. Nothing like teens gagging on huge cocks and loads of cum

    • It's true I swear detracted from the story. Just tell it, no need to convnce anyone otherwise! Did you ever lick her wet spot or at least smell it. Bet it smelled like fish soup!

    • It wasn't true last time someone (maybe you) posted it & it's not true now


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