Wow you smell good.....i wiggled my butt...I had just gotten out of the shower and was still in my robe ..towell wrapped around my head the whole works...went up to the counter to get my cup of coffee and he got behind me lifted my robe and entered me ...not just the head of his cock but the entire hard warm pulsating shaft all the way in...NOooooo Jack i cried out but he was slamming it all the way hard and deep and being stuck between the couter and him i let it go.....and sure enough he pulled out and a huge glob of cum fell on the kitchen floor....dam it Jack i have to go work you idiot...go and get out before you miss your school bus......during work i could hardly concentrate i got extremely -extremely wet just thinking what had just happened at home......i decided to text him at better not mention anything to anyone on what happened this morning Dad will be furious....... but still couldn't get the situation out of my head..i went to the ladies room and a 3 finger fuck easily occurred.... it finally saved the issue... when i got home i asked why he hadn't answered me he said that the school doesn't allow phone use during class so he had it shut off.... that night my husband got on top did his thing rolled over and went to sleep he had golf the next day with his buddies........ i got up made some pancakes Jack comes down in his pajamas.... wow smelling good again i looked at him NOO Jack i said i sat at the table he comes up next to me and wiggles his groin in front of me....his cock slowly bulging under nis pjs...nooo Jack please no i'm your mother he takes my hands and places them on his waist band and i slowly pull it down and his huge cock springs up i look at him nooo please no Jack no while all the time rubbing my face all over his cock mouth easily found his cock and the head went in i sucked the head while he groaned as i was trying to take it deeper he tells me to rub my pussy while i sucked him...once again rubbing and 3 finger fuck took place just when i was getting my orgasm he held my head and exploded in my mouth his huge load .....without letting me up i was forced to swallow ..after clearing my throat he made me squeeze off his remaining cum from his cock and lick it dry.......Jack this shouldn't be happening what's wrong with you ? no worries mom it's only feel god love not starting a family just FEEL GOOD SEX...

Apr 6

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