Awesome sex

No Lindsey.......and i would laugh and would walk towards the balcony door and opened the shades.......sitting on the arm of the couch i would open my legs with no panties and show him my pussy...he would cover his eyes ....Lindsey stop i can't do this ...ohhh yes you can all you need is a little coaching i would tell him.....we can do this you help me and i help you i would run a finger over the slit of my pussy and show him how wet i was...he would shake his head nooo...then he told me to put a finger in my pussy but i decided to put 2 and wiggle them in and out..he got up came over to me pulled his Nikes down and out his cock sprung .....i hadn't done any sucking at all but my mouth went to the huge head and my hand reached for the warm thick shaft and stroked it..
He picked me up and laid me on the couch with my neck kinked and my legs spread wide open he placed his huge cock on my pussy a smiled and said yes dam it yes fuck me...he pushed it in me slowly i squirmed in discomfort and felt every inch penetrate me.....i tried to accommodate his huge cock ...but he pulled out nooo...i stated don't pull out put it back in ...he spat on it rubbed it all over his cock and slowly entered me again .....he told me to rub my clit and i was feeling pretty good with his cock moving in and out of me .......i went off into a huge orgasm pulling him in till i hurt a little i left my finger prints on his shirt from my virginity......he pulled out and went to wash his cock of a little discoloration ......he took a deep breath as i sat next to him in the toilet and wiped my pussy clean.....just as i turned to flush the toilet he placed his cock n my mouth and fucked it close the back of your throat your about to get some vitamins ....and he shot a huge load causing me to gag.....
swallow it dam it lick my cock clean and swallow every drop......i did i licked and sucked the salty goo out of his cock.....cleared my throat looked up and smiled .....i told you we should do this he said...this is wrong you're not in high school yet...
Every time my mother was going to be late i would go and see Jack in his condo since we both lived on the same floor.....
sometimes she would ask me to stay in my room because her boss would come over and work late on a project....( i got smart and sneaked a peak ) and she would be on her back with the fat pig bouncing into her.......sometimes she would ask Jack if i could visit for an hour or so while she worked with her boss and the project.....
but I soon caught her and Jack she loved being face fucked she would try to catch her breath after Jack fucked her face real hard .....she would face dive at his cock taking it deep and hard ........just when she though she was enjoying Jack turned her around and plow his huge cock deep into her causing her to arch her back and cringe ......but she wouldn't let him cum until she swallowed it all....( that's when i would slowly close my door).....all my mother was to the men i saw her with was a simple holes to fuck...with a job that paid enough to get by..

Apr 6

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