How many married Guys want to suck cock

Ok, would like to get peoples thoughts on this.
It does seem like there is this underground world where most married guys want to suck cock or is this just my imagination.
So yes I am one of those such guys who wants to suck and gets turned on by seeing naked guys and hard dick. I also love women so yes I am bisexual.
Also I think there are a lot of guys that want to but don't admit it. Why do I say this, have a look at any swingers sites and the vast majority of couples are a straight male and a bisexual/bicurious female. The stats just don'd add up that it would be this one sided. I just think women are more comfortable admitting they are at least bicurious and society accepts this more

So have any women found out that their husbands want to suck cock and guys, do you want to but have never told anyone or have you had mates try to suck yours or had experiences with mates.

Apr 5

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    • Been married for 15 years and I told my wife last year I wanted to suck cock. AND, take it in the ass. Would love to have sex with another couple where the guy was bi as well and we sucked and fucked in front of our wives. Would also like to have a threesome with two other guys while my wife watches. Me taking it in the ass and swallowing a load in front of her. Then kissing her as some of the cum drips down my chin. And finally ending the night with me eating her pussy until she comes and then fucking her ass until I come in the back door.

      Edit... I have sucked a cock once many years ago and had the guy suck me off until I came in his mouth. I think I would have swallowed, but he had a taste to him that just didn't agree with me. I think had we showered beforehand I might have finished him in my mouth as well.

    • I would also like to know how your wife reacted to your request. Was it positive or negative.

    • How did your wife react to you telling her that? I would love to experiment with a guy, especially if a wife was watching. The most I’ve ever done was stroked a guy off once. What part of the world are you in?

    • She wasn’t into it. She said she’d try pegging me if I really wanted it but just wasn’t ready to experiment with someone else. I’m still waiting to get pegged….

      I practice regularly on a dildo in the shower for the day I actually get to suck cock.

      I’m planning on playing with a dildo in her pussy soon and then sucking her juices off it to see if that turns her on.

    • I’m married and have never done it but I fantasize about doing it every single day. For the last 25+ years…. I should have done it when I was single. Nobody would have known or cared.

    • It does sound like you need to suck some cock. Do you identify as Bi as it does sound like you are. I do understand what you say about fantasising every day about it as that is what I do to. Which I had have acted on my urges when I was single,

    • I identify as bicurious. Obviously nobody knows that. I did recently stroke a guy off, which was fun. It’s my only sexual contact I’ve ever had with a guy. I was tempted to try oral but he was so overgrown that it wasn’t very appealing.

    • I sucked a few when I was young but haven’t since becoming an adult and getting married. I would like to again.

    • That seems to quite a common thing. Heard of lots of guys who sucked cock when they were younger and like you would like to or have sucked cock again. The ones who have loved it and can’t believe they waited so long to do it again. Some even do it with their wives or when their wives find out instigate getting them to suck because they want to watch.

    • The thought sickens my wife, sadly. I was sucking cock before I met her, hid my bisexual side for years but I do it now. Love man sex and I can’t and won’t stop doing it. I love the build up, his breathing, grunt as I bring him to orgasm, the salty pre come, cock spasms, the change in texture of his glans and the spunk flooding my mouth.
      I’ve just given myself an erection.😁

    • Reading your post got me hard too. I want to play with and suck cock so much. My wife is ok with me having these desires but we are working on how we navigate me actually getting what I desire.

    • Same

    • It’s my experience that most women don’t want their guy to be a dick sucker. That being said, I had one ex that encouraged me to suck dick. She loved to watch and would spread her legs for us both to see and masterbate as she watched. She would say sexy shit while I sucked or was being sucked. Very cool experience, but I think it’s rare.

    • Op here. She sounds awesome but would agree that women enjoying seeing their partners suck cock would be much rarer than the opposite. I actually wrote and erotic fiction about my wife watching me suck and her masturbating whilst we did. She loved it.

    • I knew that my husband was bisexual when we were married and he didn't do anything for a couple of years after until I asked him about what he did and if he really liked doing it. He told me everything that he had done with other men and the more he told me the more I was interested in seeing him sucking some other guys cock. He was open to the idea and to be honest it was one of the hottest things I have ever seen he really liked sucking cock and he knew what he was doing he is better than I am at sucking dick.

    • OP here. That is amazing that you created a safe space for him to be able to tell you about his experiences and that you were able to tell him that you wanted to watch him. It is well known that most husbands would love to see their wives lick pussy but I wonder how many wives would want to watch their husbands suck cock. I personally think seeing cock being sucked is incredibly hot.
      Would love to know if this has become a regular thing or was it just a one off.

    • It has definitely become a part of our life style and we have a beautiful open relationship. I love watching him having sex with other men and he has no problem with me being with different men. The best thing is that there is no jealousy between us when either of us are having sex with someone else. My husband is a good man and when we are alone together we are just a normal married couple.

    • That is amazing. My wife and I have swung and we also found there was no jealousy either. Watching her suck cock was so hot and seeing her cum as she is being fucked was incredible. Just have to take the next step and suck cock in front of her and hope she finds it as much as turn on as you do.

    • I’ve been married for over 20 years and constantly fantasize about sucking. I’ve never done it although I had some chances when I was young. I wish I would have taken the opportunity. The desire never ever goes away.

    • I too had an opportunity when I was younger but was too scared. I regretted it ever since. Now I think about it every day.

    • I’m the person above, RunnerSteve. We should meet up and just help each other out.

    • I have been sucking cock off and on over the years

    • I am a young college guy 22. I just got married, but almost every week, I go out looking for cock to suck. I don't know why. I fuck my wife and love it, but I get this craving for a big beautiful cock to suck and I love to swallow sperm. I say you only live once, so there is nothing to feel guilty about...except i dont want my wife to know.

    • Use a dildo on your wife and then suck her juices off it. Ask her if she thinks it’s hot. Go slow and do it again at a later date. Try putting the dildo in her pussy and having her blow you. Ease her into the idea of two guys at once. If she’s really into it ask her about her fantasies. If one of them is to see two guys going at it, ask her if she’d like to see you suck a guy off. Slow and steady…

      I’m going to start this process myself as I’d like to suck a guy to completion and have my wife watch and/or participate.

      After that…. Taking it in the ass and sucking a guy at the same time! Slow and steady. One thing at a time

    • Sounds like it’s going to be a short marriage.

    • Sucked a dick about a week ago and had my dick sucked nothing wrong with that and yes I'm married to a beautiful woman

    • Does your wife know. If she does that is awesome.

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