Love women pissing

I love the idea of having a woman pee on me I would love for my wife to piss all over me I like to get in the shower and before I shower piss on myself any suggestions on how to ask my wife to piss on me... any woman out there like to pee on men

Apr 5

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    • I am married to four wives. Two sisters, one divorcee and one single mother with two teenage daughters and four months pregnant with her ex partners child. I fuck all four in the same room and they also help to jack off in their dirty panties in their presence. The one with two daughters will steal their panties for me to jack off with my cum for them to wear the next day. One day we had drinks and I fucked all my wives until my balls were empty and cock was sore weak and painful of fucking their hungry pussies. My wives gave me a natural healing treatment. They told my to lie down and all of them pissed on my cock. The hot piss gushing from the pussies was so good and massaging to my cock. Their hot piss brought back my cock to life. Thnx to their hungry hairy pussies.

    • Drag her into it step by step like go with her to the bathroom while she is peeing and start talking about whatever next time while she peeing try to touch her and you both will laugh as its gonna be something new next time touch her while she peeing and tell her that its so hot and ive been thinking about it and make sure she notice that u get a hard on she will understand step by step just be patient just for your info all the girls are into kinks on a diff level

    • My wife peed on me but it took a lot of alcohol. But then wanted me to pee on her too. We both loved it. If your wife is like mine, she’ll be into it if you ask. But if she’s like my prudish, ice cold, pole up her ass ex wife she’ll probably freak out over it.

    • Just ask she might be in to it i have a video of my wife pissing if you like to see it

    • Do u also like to be pissed on?

    • I like having my mouth used as a urinal

    • Mmm that sounds nice would love for my wife to do that

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