Sunbathing Topless for the First Time

During the Covid 19 lockdown I was 16 and spent most of the time alone. I only live with my mum and she was a key worker in the NHS. The weather was warm enough to sunbathe in the back garden, so that’s what I did.

The only neighbour who could see into our garden was the one next door. I won’t say his name but he was retired in his sixties looking after his wife who sadly has dementia. He was often in his garden attending to his plants and lawn. We’d spoken many times over the years.

One particular afternoon I went into the garden in just a black bikini. My body hasn’t changed in 3yrs. I’m a curvy brunette and even at 16 I had D cup boobs.

As I sunbathed with nobody around, I became horny on my towel. I was always curious about doing it on holiday with my mother, but she said I was too young because I was 14 and 15 on those holidays.

Now with her not around to stop me. I unclasped my bikini top and went topless in my back garden. I couldn’t have been outside for longer than 20mins when my neighbour came out to sit in the sun.

Appearing unfazed by my appearance, my neighbour said hello and started talking to me as if I were fully clothed. It actually turned me on even more. I remained topless and my nipples were rock hard. He kept looking at my tits but he never made any inappropriate comments or advances.

I spent an hour in his presence talking about covid and other stuff, while I sat up on my towel with my tits on display. It turned me on so much I did it several more times during the lockdown. I even started rubbing sun cream on my tits when my neighbour was in his garden.

I pretended not to notice him watching me but he always was. Every time I finished for the day I would go to my bedroom and masturbate naked on my bed. I would bring myself off wondering if my neighbour was wanking his cock over the mental image of me sunbathing topless.

Apr 4

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    • It's the chatting part that I think is fun - acting as normal. In France, where it is more acceptable to be topless, though it's prob the minority of women. My wife is topless most of the summer, at home, by the pool (shared), at the beach. I love watching her have a normal conversation with our neighbours while her tits are on show.

    • Believe me. He was!

    • I’d have asked if you needed any help in applying the sun lotion.
      Defo would have had a wank.

    • Funny. Sounds just like my next door neighbors story🤔

    • Neat time make sure you look down at his groin and see if he has an erection. If he does look back at his face then back at his cock and smile and bite your lip suggestively.
      He will be putty in your hands then and if you want his cock you will have it.

    • Bottomless too next time.

    • I would have masturbated to you too lol

    • He definitely did blow a huge load to you.

    • Hell I am 61 and would have rubbed my cock raw thinking about it.

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